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Blog With Excellence e-Book will guarantee you make Money

You all know, I like business and have no business going where money will not be made. Lolz.
I was privileged to be asked by Dayo Samuel to review his best seller ebook BLOG WITH EXCELLENCE". I took sometime to read or rather do a survey-read, and was I amazed? That is an understatement.

I was amazed, fulfilled and impressed majorly because I have been desiring to have a blog manual that is localised, tutorial-in-nature and effective, being that I have tried for about 4 years now to discipline myself to do a blogging-for business video tutorial and an ebook but haven't quite approved them as final and okay for the market place and so I sincerely wrote this as my endorsement for the book.

"Finally I have found a personal blogging manual that is written in my 'local' Nigerian language. Lolz...Blog with Excellence ebook 
is the first from a Nigerian I have seen with thorough step by step tutulege on getting you to set up, and monetize your blog. Even with my 'indifference' about the Wordpress software, Dayo's book, got me thinking "i will sure try using wordpress again". My blogger-alumni at LOGiN Bloggers Network will also find  this a sure super-alternative blogging ebook that will enhance their blogging impact. If you are serious about blogging, this is the book to get. Bloggers and aspiring-bloggers, since you asked "Yes I endorse this book"  after my almost 7-year wanna-do blogging right quest."

I truly love bloggers who understand that blogging is serious money business not just some passionate past-time.

Would you want to read this book? Let me know.