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Business Life Tips For Employees and Business Owners by Jenny Chisom

Discussing business and career in a singles-only group today, I shared these.

For Business Owners
- I think we need to embrace technology to make our work easier.

- Where we need cash, can we consider barter? Pay with your products or services for a product or service you need.

- Get volunteers to work for you, especially in areas of your work you feel confident to outsource.
I once had an American as volunteer staff because I asked and it was very profitable.

- Save.
You can also get a voluntary pension plan to enable you save. Whatever you do, save and invest more this year.

- Have a beyond-client-relationship with your clients. Get more personal with them, it works magic if you intend to retain them and get referrals.

My Tips for employees
- Put in more than is asked, into your job - be almost indispensable.

- Save.

- Invest in starting a biz or join a network marketing biz.

- Plan an exit plan.

- Don't waste your time in a job you do not love or you do not have a passion/career path in.

Did these make sense? Please drop a comment.