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CUTS and FABRICS: Part 19

Mary has always nursed the idea of becoming a model, that's why she took up a job in a fashion house because she believes its a step closer to her dream.

Working for Miss Titi or "Aunty" as she fondly calls her has been good. Titi doesn't delay with salaries, she gives opportunities to her employees to grow and she's always full of smiles, but Mary feels its not enough. As the head sales rep she feels she deserves more benefits than the other workers; and Titi is not even ready to help her in her modelling career. All she had done so far was to introduce her to her friend, Oreva but Oreva had not tried to help her get a modelling job, not once." Could it be that Aunty told Oreva not to help me so she can keep me working for her as a mere sales rep?" She asked herself. Its been close to a year now and she had not said anything about helping her, introducing her to Oreva had fanned the flames. Oreva who is supposed to be a top model has kept mute on the issue, making her anticipate for what she now knows may never come from her. Mary couldn't understand why Aunty can't help her out, "if she really has my interest at heart then she'll follow up on her friend or at least go through other channels" She thought.
Sitting comfortably at the reception, a green file on her lap, her right leg tapping the floor and her gaze focused on a Television set but obviously lost in thought. She has no doubt that what she's about to do will be of immense benefit to her, but a twinge of guilt rests deep in her bosom, she did her best to shrug it off. "This is the right thing for me" She said almost to the hearing of the front desk officer who sat just two steps beside her. "Heaven helps those who help themselves" She thought, justifying the decision she's about to make.

The phone rang and the front desk officer picked it at the second ring. She was a tall and light skinned lady with heavy make up that made her look like a clown you see at a children's party. Mary secretly wished she could tell the lady that she's making a major makeup error, but "it's none of my business", she said to herself.  Mary couldn't hear what she was saying despite being that close to her, but she was able to make out a "she's here ma" and a "yes ma" before the lady hung up. "Madam will see you now" She told Mary as she stood up to lead the way....
House of Gold came into existence barely three years ago, it had featured in most of the major runway shows and had proven to be among the best in the fashion world. At least that's how she sees it. House of Gold is a known brand in the fashion and music industry as most of the big players patronise her, she has worked her way up the ladder these past few years and that's why she believes she deserves this award. Nothing will stop her from getting that award.
Gold Bassey, a 35year old  gorgeous light skinned lady with beautiful sun kissed gold hair, petite in stature, her size sometimes made people think she's younger than her age, and she didn't seem to mind. She's a mixture of Nigerian and Canadian descent, she spent the better part of her life in Canada and only came back to Nigeria five years ago to establish her fashion company after completing a course in fashion at a prestigious fashion school in New York. Gold, a single mom, lives with her daughter and is very strict with almost everything she does, she leaves nothing to chance and most times gets whatever she wants. And she has no doubt that the award for the best new designer will go to her. With the current twist of events by the organisers, the winner of the award will be decided based on the designs showcased by the nominees on the award night. And with the help of the person in front of her now, that award will be resting on her shelf, she knows that for sure.


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