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As she was making her way back to her seat she saw him walking to the Compere, whispered something to him and he gave him the microphone.

"What's Jide up to?" She asked herself feeling suspicious. Titi and Chioma looked at her, as if asking the same question. They both smiled at her, reassuring her that all is well. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'll have a story to share with you all today" Jide started, getting the attention of everyone in the hall. "First of all I'd like to congratulate the couple; " may your home be filled with laughter and joy" Chike and Chioma gave a nod and smiled, signifying a thank you.

"My story" Jide continued "Some months ago, I met a very beautiful lady in traffic here in Lagos" Oreva flinched in her seat, she looked at Titi trying to figure out what's running through her mind, but Titi had a fixed expression, she was watching Jide with keen interest. "What is this guy up to?" She asked herself again, feeling uneasy about what was happening. "She was the most daring and spirited person he had ever seen. He realised that there was something different about this lady" Jide said as his gaze met Titi's, she gave a Mona Lisa smile and Jide felt haunted by her eyes.
He swallowed hard and continued. "Even though he had a good woman, a loving fiancee, he couldn't refuse this mystery lady's invitation to have drinks with her". He tore his eyes away from her piercing eyes and turned to the guests. Chioma whispered something to Chike and they both giggled.
That was the beginning of the end for that guy. The beginning of something pure and unexpected, the end of something good and safe. Oreva sat at the edge of her seat, confused and perturbed. "Why is he bringing this up now?" She asked Chioma with a pained look on her face. "I don't know dear, but I feel he's going somewhere with this so let's hear him out" she replied with a smile. "He never knew that both ladies were friends".

Jide paused for awhile to gather himself, he was becoming emotional and tears welled up in his eyes. "Ok no more story" He turned to face Titi "T, I'm so so sorry. I know I hurt you bad, I didn't appreciate you and respect you and I caused you pain and for that I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I don't know how else to say it, I've been beating myself up about it for months now, please find it in your heart to forgive me", Jide wore a doleful expression.

Titi could see the hurt he's going through. Jide making a spectacle of himself in public, she couldn't believe it but it's actually happening, she was moved to tears and didn't know when she stood and walked to him and hugged him tight. "You murdered my heart Jide, but its ok dear. I forgive you, Its ok".
The hall was silent for a few moments, allowing them to let out the emotions they've bottled in for so long. Oreva couldn't believe what was happening, "what's this" she asked, "Are they getting back together?". She stood and was about leaving the hall when she heard him call out her name. Titi told him something and he replied but no one could make out what they said to each other. Jide broke the hug, wiped his eyes with the back of his left hand, walked to Oreva and held her left hand, "I'm sorry for the way I've been acting, always distant and lost in my own bubble".

Oreva looked at him quizzically. "What's all this Jide, why are you doing this?" She finally asked him. She needed to know why he's making a scene.
I tried, I tried not to love you, not to care, not to think about you, I tried not to remember the way your eyes twitch when you laugh, the way you close your eye when you're singing that special song of yours" Oreva's expression changed from shock to dreamy. "I tried not to think about your smile, the way you fuss over my lack of communication with you" Jide moved closer, Oreva had different thoughts running through her mind, she couldn't think straight. "But no matter how hard I try I can't seem to get you off my mind. You've eaten deep into the very fabric of my soul, knowing you're carrying my child" Tears rolled down his cheeks as he knelt down "I know I'm not perfect, but I know that in you I've found perfection, you complete me Oreva, I want to spend the rest of my imperfect life making a perfect home with you" . Oreva couldn't believe what was happening, the tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably, this can't be happening, is she dreaming, she thought. "Will you be my Wife Miss Oreva Onoriode?" Jide asked on bended knees.

Everyone stood in anticipation, expecting her to answer in the affirmative but what they heard was. "NO"


I've been waiting for a day like today but the response from Oreva broke my heart.