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Time and space stood still for a second as the hall was conspicuously quiet, even a pin dropped on the floor would make a thunderous sound. Everyone looked at them with keen interest, some enjoying the show of affection and honesty displayed by Jide, others just waiting patiently to see the outcome of the love saga. Jide tried to process what he'd just heard her say. He looked at her in disbelief and shock, his eyes pleading, begging her to reconsider her stand. But then, he saw that smile, same smile she gave the first time they met, same smile that always made him weak on the knees, same smile he had  come to love and pray it never departs from her lips.. "No I won't be just your wife, I'll be your best friend, your sister, your aunt, the mother of your children and your forever after" Oreva said with teary eyes and shaky hands. She looked in his eyes as if staring into his soul, she could see the light in them, she saw herself in them. She had dreamt of this moment so many times but never in this manner, this is way better than her dreams, this is great, this is magic.

Jide got up and gave her a quizzed expression, he was not sure of what she meant by all that but he wanted so much to believe that she has  finally accepted his proposal, but before he could say anything, Oreva beat him to it, she understood his bug-eyed look all too well. "Yes silly, I'll marry you" with that she drew him to herself and their lips locked in an intimate and passionate kiss that left both of them gasping for air. The hall came alive with a resounding applause, whistling and screams from the ladies, everyone shouting "congratulations".

They held onto each other in what seemed like an endless flow of emotions. Oreva, crying profusely kept repeating the words "I love you" and Jide for the first time in his life genuinely shed tears of joy, he kept reassuring her that he'll never make her cry again and how much he loved her. "I'm so sorry baby, I was a fool. It took me this long to realise you're the woman for me. I'll make you happy and I'll never break your heart, I love you with all my being" "I'll love you for a thousand years and a day more" Oreva said, sobbing. 

Titi who had been watching everything walked to them and hugged them both. She was really happy for them, it was an eye opener, she realized she had never really loved Jide, she had settled for him because she believed she couldn't do better. That was why she had put up with all his cheating escapades. But she believed he has changed, Oreva has changed him and they look so good together, so inlove. "I'm so happy guys, you deserve to be happy" She said smiling at both of them. Oreva looked at Titi with haunted eyes, she felt guilty and ashamed for thinking that Titi was getting back with Jide. She explained to Titi and they both laughed. "I was only telling him to fight for your love. Told him to treat you well or else he'll have me to deal with" Titi explained.

Chioma and Chike approached them and they all hugged. Chioma was smiling mischievously. And when asked why she told them that she knew this was going to happen. She had deliberately invited Jide and deliberately threw the bouquet so Oreva would catch it. Though she asked God for help. They all laughed and Oreva poked Chioma on the shoulder, a vengeful but playful poke. "So this was your plan all along?" She asked laughing.

"Hey, where's the ring? You can't propose to a girl without a ring na" Titi asked Jide. Jide hadn't thought about that, he hadn't been sure of what he wanted to do until it happened. The whole thing was spontaneous and it happened so fast. He scratched his head and an idea struck him. He removed his rolex wristwatch and gave it to Oreva. "This will have to do for now baby, first thing tomorrow morning we'll go pick out a ring" He said and kissed her. Oreva didn't care as long as she's with him. 

"Alright baby" She said. "Speaking of babies, where's my Jerry?" Titi asked She looked around but couldn't find him, so she decided to use the rest room before searching for him. "Hey guys, gotta use the ladies, I'll be back" She told them She went to the female toilet, as she opened the door, she heard strange noises coming from one of the closed doors. She didn't mind because she knew these things happen, people have sex in the rest rooms at weddings. But something caught her attention, the guy's voice was vaguely familiar. She shrugged it off but he said something again and she realised who it was, she was sure but secretly prayed that her suspicion was wrong. She reached out for the doorknob and turned it slowly.


Yeppppppppyyyyyy! So happy for Jide. Finally at last the young man got his groove back. But wait oooooo, hope that's not Jerry in the female bathroom? Can't wait for next episode.

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