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The door opened with an almost silent screech and Titi confirmed her suspicion. There he was, sitting on the toilet seat with his pant trousers pulled down below his knee and his partner on top of him.
Her skirt pulled up and it was obvious she wore no panties, her blouse loosened to reveal her youthful and succulent breasts. He buried his face in them, she stroked his head as they moved in rhythmic unison, groaning and moaning, oblivious of their surroundings and not an incling that their show of passion had an audience.

Titi recognized the girl almost instantly, as one of ushers of the wedding. "Oh how low could he be, she's barely 20 " She thought to herself. Titi stood with eyes filled with tears , conflicting thoughts and emotions held her bound to that spot.
"Why, why you? This is not happening again, why why?" She kept thinking. She didn't realize when her lips parted and his name fell out in a silent whisper, enough to jolt him back to reality and he opened his eyes in disbelief and shock.

As if finding new strength and energy, Titi bolted out of the rest room, running through the back exit of the hall to the car park. She took the alternative because she didn't want to cause a scene and she hoped no one saw her. But that was not the case, Charlse already did and he discreetly left his seat and went after her. She hid at the back of a car and sobbed. It didn't take long for Charlse to locate her.
"Oh my, what's the matter Titi?" He asked sounding pained. He hated  seeing her hurt, and seeing her this way makes him sad. "What's wrong Titi, please talk to me" He touched her shoulders and Titi fell into his arms in an emotional embrace. She was crying uncontrollably now and that made his stomach twist. He has never seen her in this state, the Titi he knows is very cheerful and outgoing. So whatever happened to her to make her react this way must be a pretty huge. "Titi I'm begging you please tell me what happened. Did anybody hurt you please tell me what happened. Did anybody hurt you?".

On hearing that Titi increased the tempo of crying and the tears just kept pouring. Charlse got his answer from that. "Who hurt you?" He asked with a dark tone. Just at that moment Jerry saw them. It was obvious he'd been searching for Titi judging from the way he was panting. He approached them while catching his breath, he'd been running too. "Titi I can explain".

Those were the words that came out of his mouth and it didn't take Charlse to understand that Jerry was the culprit. "Sweetie it's not what you think, I can explain" he moved closer.

Titi broke the embrace and moved back. "You have nothing to say, go away you lying cheat" She screamed. Jerry kept coming towards her. "It's not my fault sweetie, she....." Titi didn't wait for him to finish before cutting in. "Are you crazy? She what? She tied you up and had her way with you?" She stepped back again.

"You didn't even have the decency to take her out, gosh Jerry, in the ladies toilet. At my best friend's wedding. You didn't even respect me, that girl is young and very pretty so go on then, enjoy" She was shaking everywhere now and the tears just kept coming.
Jerry moved closer and Charlse blocked him. "You disgust me man, thought you had class. You disappoint me" Charlse said. Jerry surprised at Charlse's outburst."Hey man, this doesn't concern you. This is between my woman and I" Jerry said" "I'm not your woman" Titi yelled. "Go away I don't wanna see you, go away" she repeated.
Charlse, now in-between Jerry and Titi, spoke sternly. "You heard the lady, she doesn't wanna see you. Please leave and stop upsetting her" he told Jerry.
"what's the matter with you, like I said, this doesn't concern you" He tried to shove Charlse aside but instead Charlse threw a punch to his jaw that saw him land on his butt. "I said leave" Charlse's eyes were dark now, he was ready for a beat down. He couldn't stand men that cheat let alone one that thinks he can talk his way out of it.
Jerry picked himself up, spat on the ground, looked at Charlse with a black expression and walked away. 
Charlse took Titi back into the hall 35 minutes later. She explained everything to him and also to Oreva and Jide. She tried to put up a happy face through out the event, she didn't tell the newly weds because this was their day and she won't spoil the celebration, not for anything. Although Chioma noticed something was off with Titi but she didn't wanna probe. Jerry was nowhere to be found, Jide wanted to break his bones but was informed that Charlse had done something close. They all tried to cheer her up and made sure she was not alone throughout the event. The couple left for their hotel, they are catching the first flight to Dubai the following morning for their honeymoon. They hugged each other with tears pouring once more.

"Thanks my sisters, I love you guys with all of my heart" an emotionally charged Chioma told Titi and Oreva. They chorused the same "We love you too" "Now hurry up jor, go enjoy your honeymoon" Titi said, wiping her eyes with tissue. "Yes dear, see you in two weeks, and don't forget to call as soon as you touch down at the airport" Oreva said.
They hugged once more for what seemed like an endless embrace. Finally Chioma entered the car and they drove off. Jide took Oreva home and Charlse took Titi to her apartment. Charlse made sure she had her bath and drank a glass of juice. "Alright dear, I'll take my leave now. It's late. I'll call you tomorrow, please have some rest." He was about opening the door when Titi called out to him.
"Charlse" He turned "Please stay with me, I don't wanna be alone tonight" She held out her hand.
Charlse hesitated for a second, considering the offer, he eventually took her hand and they both went into her bedroom...