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It has been several months and things have been going pretty well since Chioma's wedding. She's back from her honeymoon and enjoying life as a married woman, according to her.
Chioma and Chike found out what Jerry did and were very upset with him, Chike was totally disappointed in his cousin. Jerry tried to make amends with Titi but unfortunately for him she's moved on and so he had to do same. Oreva and Jide have been inseparable ever since the wedding, Jide picked out a heart shaped diamond ring for her and the engagement party was a blast, so was the introduction. The two families were in good spirits and Jide's Dad couldn't hide his feelings. He was proud of his boy, now that he has decided to be responsible and he loved Oreva. Plans are already under-way for the white wedding, Titi and Chioma took up the role of wedding planners once again. With the Fashion awards drawing close, Titi has been busy working round the clock, making the new designs she'd been working on. Especially now that the award for the best new designer will be judged based on the designs displayed on that day. 

The news is all over the place, so she  put in more effort, extra hours and working mostly from home. She receives no visitors except Charlse, he's been wonderful ever since that incident with Jerry. Always checking up on her and doing his best to be by her side. Charlse is so sweet and caring, he went back to the living room and slept on the couch after she fell asleep in his arms that night. "He's such a gentleman". She said out loud with a smile. He made sure she never lacked anything. Even when she says she doesn't need anything he still goes out of his way to please her. Titi feels like a queen whenever he's around and she has started developing feelings for him, or is just gratitude she felt? She's confused as to her true feelings for him. They have a very unique and honest friendship and she's not about to rock the boat by spilling her guts to him; she's not particularly sure if he feels anything romantic towards her. He's never given any sign.
"I'll just have to settle for this now" she said to herself in her apartment as she worked on some sketches. She doesn't want to get involved in any relationship for now, though its been months she broke up with Jerry. Just thinking about his betrayal made her stomach twist. Now all she's concerned with is making the best designs and winning that award.
The doorbell rang, dragging her back to the present. "Who could that be?" She wondered. She's not expecting anybody, at least not now. Charlse would drop by but that's not until 5hours to come. She lazily stood and walked to open the door. "Good afternoon anty" Mary greeted her with a big grin. A startled Titi answered and inquired why she'd come without informing her. She opened the door to allow her in.
Mary stepped in but it was obvious that Titi didn't want her to go beyond the door. "I just came to check up on you aunty. You've not been to the shop in two days" Mary explained, trying to catch a glimpse of the sketches lying on the couch. "But I spoke with you yesterday, I also spoke with you this morning. I told you I want to work from home, didn't I?" Titi asked with a raised brow. There's something off about Mary, Titi noticed she was peering shrewishly in the room, as if searching for something. Mary, realizing she was cornered, decided to feign ignorance. "Wow, I must have forgotten o" She said, smiling wryly. "But aunty, won't you let me come in?" She asked Titi who by now was fuming with anger, told Mary to leave. She couldn't understand the reason behind Mary eagerness to come in.
This is not the first time she'd shown up in her house unannounced and that unnerved her. There's something wrong but Titi was too preoccupied with getting ready for the awards that she had no time to look into the matter. She told herself that she'd have to have a talk with Mary after the awards. Mary left feeling sullen.

Seated in her office and going through the sketches in front of her, she was delighted she made that deal. Miss Gold gets whatever she wants and with these designs, the award for the best new designer will undoubtedly be hers. Mary drives a hard bargain but then again, its worth it. Two hundred thousand naira and a chance to model for House of Gold is quite a bargain. As far as she's concerned, the only deal they have is the cash reward for getting these sketches, the other is never going to happen. "She's not House of Gold material" Gold told herself in a sinister tone. She believes that girls like Mary can never be trusted, if she can betray her boss for her own selfish reasons, then she can do worse. But thanks to her, these great designs are going to premier on the awards show and House of Gold will be credited and recognized for it.
"Who knew this Titi girl had such talent" Gold thought. "A black and white themed collection of female shirts, both corporate and casual. Wow, these designs are just perfect" she smiled to herself. "Can't wait to see her face when I unveil these designs on the awards show" She laughed slyly as she said it out loud, knowing that there's no way that award is going to Titi or the other contenders. "The show is just two weeks from now, and I'm gonna be ready" Gold promised.