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Jumia offers Samsung Galaxy ACE 4 for Women’s Day

With the opportunity to express the subsequent celebration of International Women's Day on 8th march, offers Samsung Galaxy ACE 4 smartphones at FCFA 52000 (80 €). Then any buyer will also be awarded with a 6-yard fabric loincloth.

This joint venture has become an expert in the art of creating super-deals towards e-consumers. So, in prelude to March, 8th, 2015, Women's Day branded loincloth are to be shared.

The deal itself is to provide an item ordered from the site which once delivered and paid for, will be accompanied by a new 2015 loincloth. For the promotion of this event, the Samsung brand through its Galaxy ACE 4 model was among others; put forward.

Because of the overwhelming success of the mobile brand in Africa, the managing staff of this sales website to have found interesting to deal it.

The 8th march event began from a movement demands for better working conditions and the right of women to vote in the 1920s. Nowadays, it has become a celebration in itself in Africa. In many countries, women have found in that day, an opportunity to celebrate, or to initiate, develop and prove. In some countries, this day has become almost official...

In Cameroon, loincloth has become, more than a simple element, a symbol entirely dependent on 8th March. Given the official price (FCFA 85,000 / approx. € 12.5), women ever fight over massively to create fast enough stockouts in licensed commercial points. "If you do not have your cloth is that you're not a real woman," argue Atsala Esther, housewife.

On, because of the varied stocks of products and high-tech products, clothing and shoes, 8th March loincloths stock is limited. Jumia local marketing manager, Herbert Sigha made it clear that several easy means were accompanying already reduced purchases.

He said: "We're going to award three 8th March loincloths to three Jumia customers in the coming days." It will be done like that till to the edge of 8th March or until stocks are exhausted. However, the offer does not only concern ladies, but also the male audience. With the "Sheep 2015" voucher for any purchase, a reduction of FCFA 15,000 (22 €) will be paid in addition. Women have the power; they therefore have to make a good use.