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Romantic Houses for Valentine's Day Open their Doors

I love innovative businesses like this, so I bring you this feature from Cameroon. Let me know if Valentine homes spark off a business ideas you can implement in your area. Enjoy reading.

While talking about love, especially to find ideas to impress the beloved, the imagination is limitless. One of the most important aspects in love, it is also the “place” especially if the couple is married. The place reinforces the strength of the couple relationship. So,, the lands and houses purchase and rental website proposes the top 5 of love housing areas in Cameroon.

February 14 is no longer a secret. In all cultures, for people of any age, celebrating this international but not official day has acquired a strong impact in Africa too. The most concrete aspect of a couple true love is identified generally by the house in which this couple resides, according to the words of Dr. kpete Yamba, social psychologist. So, presented for the benefit of future newlyweds the 5 best houses that hang the hearts of couples during Valentine’s Day.

1- The Logpom apartment
This is the favorite part of couples, especially young people. Located in a building in the heart of a neighborhood in an undergoing development place, it has everything that governs the harmony of a couple: with protective gates; three bedrooms; two bathrooms; large kitchen; parking and stay. The wooded decoration and salmon-colored will suit the spouses.

2- The Denver apartment
This is known; in Africa as elsewhere, when a district has a good reputation, couples prefer better. Here, at the second level the harmony of colors (pink outside and white inside) will bring satisfaction to the couple. Flowers, nature and space combine with peace and safety. Living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms are the epicenter of this house.

3- The Odzoa Duplex
Just looking at the life-space, it is an excellent place for incensing the couple flame of love. With three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, two warehouses, a laundry and a garage, the couple (with child if possible) will find full satisfaction. It is a 200 m² is fully reserved for couples with a safety gate. The must!

4- The Bastos villa
Posh and calm, this villa adorns many couple's life. Lovers of space will be conquered by this spacious villa. It consists of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room + dining room, kitchen, covered parking and an open boukarou. What more? Trees and natural wind lull the desire to love.

5- The Santa Barbara apartment
Still in a residential area, it is the option of couples who claim modern. With a panoramic view of a large map of the city, the couple evenings are going to be fully illuminated. With three bedrooms, two showers, a lounge, a veranda and a parking, gate setting is a great way to safety.

With these real estate deals, lovers eager to get married now have only to make their choice on and certainly, they will delight their chocolate and a great romantic dinner after their choice.