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Self-driving Car would help your business: Check it out

You guys know I am always on the look-out for what businesses that can bring money and what can make businesses easier. Take advantage of this Car that drives itself, 

"Researchers from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute looked at patterns of car users in American households and found that self-driving cars that had a “return to home” feature “Could reduce the number of vehicles needed within a single household by allowing sharing of vehicles in situations where it is not currently possible”. 
Their analysis revealed that drivers in households currently have little “trip overlap” (where more than one person needs to use a car at the same time) so if self-driving cars were able to return home independently of users it could encourage more people to share cars. 
See what it promises beyond the fact that It will reduce the need for multiple cars, reduce traffic and more, " a self-driving vehicle could take one person to work early in the morning, then return home on its own to make other trips – errands, another commute, the school run etc – before going back to pick them up from work in the evening."

I just thought that owning it would make Car hire services less risky and remit much more money. Are you ready for this Car for your business? Read more HERE and HERE


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