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Abuja Beeps Tensely with Anxiety As Election Approaches

It has been already 3 days since heavily-armed military personnel were deployed to every entry and exit in Abuja.
Residents met serious check points early hours of Monday morning while commuting to work causing traffic jam and of course pre-election tension.

With the elections just 48 hours away, there is an increased restlessness, money-exchanging -hands for votes  as well as eager anticipation for the dawning of the morning of March 28th.

The security sensitisation on radio, TV and social media is at its peak. Police and security officials are interfacing with people groups to intimate them on why they must stay clear of trouble and as much as possible not incite any themselves.

The presidential and parliamentary elections will hold with the boxes coloured as PINK for president, BLACK for Senate and GREENish design as House of Representative.

 FCT resident have been given emergency phone nos to call in case of any security alert or incidences pre, during or post elections. One of such is +2348032003913 as given by the CP, FCT himself on Sunday during the CAN prayer meeting at the National Christian Centre ahead of the all-important elections.

The mood is clement but uneasy, the body language of most people and organisations show uncertainty but resolve as the day approaches.

We are however holding on to an excitement demeanour to exercise our civic rights in a free, fair and peaceful procedure that will mark the best election in the history of Nigeria.