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Abuja Comedians Need Sponsors from Residents to Thrive - Mc Bob

AN Abuja-based comedian, Mc Bob, has said that the discouraging attitude of Abuja residents has contributed to lack of popularity of comedians based in the territory.
The Cross River born comedian also identified lack of sponsorship as a serious factor that had prevented the talented comedians in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) from getting deserved recognition.
During an interview with Abuja Xtra, Mc Bob lamented that Abuja residents found it difficult to admire the comedians or laugh to their jokes.
He opined that most Abuja residents did not love entertainment, perhaps because every resident appeared to be so busy always.
The comedian lamented the lack of sponsorship for the comedians in the nation’s capital, adding that they found it difficult to get sponsorship from companies, corporate bodies and individuals.
Mc Bob, who is preparing to celebrate his fifth year in the entertainment industry, noted that apart from Nollywood, comedy was the only entertainment industry that was projecting positive image of the country worldwide.
He urged individuals, corporate bodies and companies to sponsor the Abuja-based comedians, noting that there were lots of talents that needed to be exploited in Abuja.
He said: “Entertainment is more recognised in Lagos than in Abuja and artistes in the FCT are not recognised because the Abuja dwellers don’t even love entertainment. Abuja is a very busy place, but we are fighting very hard to hit the market; presently, we are making waves.
“In Abuja, comedians force residents to laugh and you know that it is not easy to make someone laugh. If you can succeed in Abuja as a comedian, you must succeed in Lagos because Abuja residents even find it difficult to laugh when we entertain them. So you need to force laughter into them
“If Abuja dwellers will support us as companies, corporate bodies and individuals support entertainment industry in Lagos, I think we will do better because if you look at it, talents leave Abuja for Lagos and they are recognised.
“My greatest achievement as a comedian was when I hosted the highest crowd in Abuja, something that comedians in Abuja had never done. When I hosted Oritsefemi in Abuja, I had over 2000 persons sitting and many standing.
“I want to see myself touring the whole world with the likes of Basket Mouth, Gordons and other comedians in Nigeria who have gained international recognition.”