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Charles Novia Set to launch TeenAfrica TV

Charles Novia, announced this great stride on Facebook and I reason that Abuja will host this teenagers styled TV Channel. 

Hear him 

A few months ago, I posted on Facebook that one of my biggest dreams in life would be coming to pass in 2015; my own Television Channel. It's been a dream patiently nurtured and harnessed since 2006 and it's time.
I asked for your prayers. You all added words of encouragement here on Facebook. I did not reveal the name then which I said I would in due course and even announced a graphics competition.
The countdown to Nigeria's (and Africa's) first indigenous Television Channel for the African Teenager begins. 100% original content and more. Beaming from Africa to the world in a few months.

Please applaud and pray for 'Teen Africa TV'. A channel for the African Teen. A channel where the young people can tell their own stories and not the stories of the West as told by Disney and Nickelodeon. Our African teenagers from Lagos to Lusaka, Abuja to Accra, Calabar to Cape Town will have a voice and a platform to express their talents. It's our channel.
Thanks to many people who have given words of encouragement and gave the project a thumbs up even at conception stages. Dede Mabiaku,Steve BabaekoSimi OpeoluwaUzodinma OkpechiChineze Xandria AnyaeneIsrael EdjerenIze AdavaObehi Ukeke, Kingsley Ogoro, Sarah Inya LawalEgor Efiok, Yibo Koko, Kola Munis Emem mem'O' Ema and so many others I will mention later.
The countdown begins. Dates for launch will be announced in weeks to come. Pray for us. This is the biggest project I have ever undertaken in my whole life; one which promises to change lives positively and to mould futures for the better.

Congratulations boss!