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The dressing area was filled with models, makeup artistes, hairstylists, fashion stylists, designers and everyone actively involved in the programme.
The place is a buzz of activities, lights, cameras and celebrities everywhere. Presenters interviewing the prominent personalities from all works of life who graced the occasion on the red carpet.
Awards have been presented to the delight of the guests presents and its now time for the that one last award that everyone had been waiting for.
Titi, already in the dressing area making sure that her models were attended to and well prepped for the runway. Her designs are going to be displayed last and she had no problem with that.
She took a peak at the and hall saw the guests all seated and anticipating, she scanned the area and saw her Jide and Oreva on the left side of the hall. Behind them was Chike and Chioma. Charlse sat beside Chioma. 
He always makes her heart skip a beat whenever he's around; and it has become increasingly difficult to be in the same room with him alone without her having romantic thoughts of him. He's slowly but surely creeping into her heart but she's scared of letting herself feel anything for anyone.
Its been over 2weeks now and Charlse had been nothing short of a sweetheart to her. Now she wonders why she didn't have this feelings before, he's always been sweet to her and she had been blinded by Jerry's suave and charisma to notice him.
But Charlse has a persona that just makes any woman want to get attached to him. Well now she'll never have the opportunity to express herself to him.
"He's just being nice to me because of what I went through. He feels pity for me" she thought to herself.
Well it doesn't matter, his presence there means a lot to her and so does her other friends.
The host of the event called on the first designer George Ike of GI WEARS to showcase his designs.
His designs were casual mens wear of polo styled shirts that calls your attention with its bright colours and catchy signature phrases of different words. With pencil styled pants and espadrilles footwear GI WEARS indeed made a statement and got the judges nodding in approval.
Next to showcase was Funke Idowu of STITCHES. Funke wowed the crowd with her one shoulder cut theme designs. From evening ball gowns to fitted coral dress, coral floral dresses and chiffon evening dress. Complete with matching bags and shoes, STITCHES indeed got the judges talking.
Titi was really impressed by their deigns, she applauded the creativity and ingenuity in the works of the designers. She looked around the dressing area, trying to scout for Mary and spotted her assisting a makeup artiste who's working on one of their models. She walked up to them and tapped Mary.
"Can I have a word with you, just for a minute. I know we're coming up after HOUSE OF GOLD and I need to do this now" Titi said to Mary.
They went to a secluded place where no one would disturb. Mary's heart was already beating fast, thinking Titi had unraveled the conspiracy and betrayal she did, she started to fidget.
Titi realized that Mary was nervous and she smiled.
"Calm down girl, there's no problem" She assured her
"Look, I called you because I know I want to appreciate you for all your effort in TOUCH COUTURE. You're the best assistant ever. I know your dream has always been to walk on the run way as a model"
Mary looked at Titi, puzzled. She was surprised to hear her say all this.
"I thought you didn't care about that" Mary thought to herself
Titi noticed her sudden shock and she couldn't help but let out a hearty laugh.
"No I've not forgotten. I've actually been waiting for the right time to see what I can do to help and I think that time is now" She touched Mary's right shoulder and looked in her eyes.
Mary couldn't believe what she was hearing, so Titi had plans for her all along, how wrong had she been about her. Tears flowed down her cheeks uncontrollably and she was shaking.
"Mary, I want you to be my model for this collection. I want you to wear our design and showcase our brand as a model and I believe we'll get that award" She said, smiling and patting Mary, she understood her tears.
Tears of joy and appreciation.
"No no no, what have I done, no no" Mary pulled back and started crying
"Anty I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" She pleaded
Titi was marveled at Mary's sudden behavior and perplexed even more so  as to why she's apologizing.
"What's the matter Mary, don't you wanna be a model, don't you wanna wear our brand?" Titi asked. Mary was shaking her head vigorously.
"No no, its not that I've done something terrible, I'm sorry anty please forgive me"
Mary got down on her knees, crying and pleading for forgiveness and just then Titi saw it.
"Is that, it couldn't be" she said aloud.
She walked closer to have a better view and she what she saw gave her the shock of her life...