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Mary's shoulders slumped in a manner that depicted defeat. Her thoughts scattered and uncoordinated, how could she not have seen this coming? She should have known that Miss Gold would never keep to her words, she had ignored all the negative things she heard about the so called Iron Lady. She thought she could trust her, guess she was wrong. And to think she betrayed her Aunty for the sole purpose of showcasing her talent as a model, the money was of no importance to her, what was crucial was being on that runway doing what she had always dreamt of.
Now that dream has been shattered all because of her impatience and lack of good judgment. Mary felt her entire world crumbling right before her eyes and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.
Titi saw the agony Mary was passing through and she felt sorry for the poor girl. It was obvious that she felt remorse for what she had done and she was desperately trying to find a way to salvage the situation. She wondered why Mary didn't talk to her about her concerns. Titi would've assured her that she had nothing to worry about and they all would've avoided this whole mess. "Why didn't you come to me Mary? Why didn't you tell me about your feelings? We would have talked and sorted things out" Titi asked, feeling genuinely sorry for Mary.
The girl is shaken and disconcerted. "Aunty I'm sorry, I didn't think. I was angry at the thought of you not helping that it didn't occur to me to express myself". She answered in an unsteady voice. "Mary why, see what you've put us in now. This is terrible" Titi said, her demeanor has changed.
She looked calm and in control of her emotions once again. "Aunty please forgive, I don't know what to do or say to make everything right again. If you don't want to see me again I'll understand. I'm so sorry for causing you pain" Mary pleaded.

Titi smiled at her and drew her close for a hug. I know you're sorry dear, I have forgiven you. But you have to prove yourself to me before I can trust you again".
On hearing that she has been forgiven Mary burst into another fit of tears and she held on to Titi for a few seconds longer as if her life depended on the designer. She didn't mind the part about proving herself to Titi because she knows that something like this would never repeat itself again.
She would never give Titi cause to doubt her loyalty ever again, and she meant it. "Aunty is such a kind hearted person. Infact she's an Angel, I will never do anything that will make her have even the slightest doubt in me" She promised herself inwardly.
"Thank you Aunty, God bless you ma, God will continue to uplift you ma, you will never lack ma, you have shown me love and forgiveness today and you will never lack love in your life too". She prayed continuously for Titi. Titi had to stop her halfway because Mary was ready to pray throughout the event and they still need to figure out how to solve the problem on ground. Her models were already getting worried, some of them have even started removing the makeup done on them. Titi had to reassure them that they will all walk the runway and that there's no need to panic. Mary who is calm and a bit relieved gave Titi a quizzical glance, Titi understood all too well the question Mary wanted to ask. She told them to give her two minutes that she wants to get something from the car. 

She went out to the parking lot and quickly called Charles. Since she doesn't have a car yet, she brought her things in Oreva's car but there's a particular luggage that she kept in Charles' car and that's what she wants to retrieve.
Charles came out to the parking lot in less than a minute and he had a puzzled expression on. He had so many questions to ask but he started with the most pertinent. "Are those not your designs being displayed by House of Gold? How in God's name did she get them? This is unbelievable"
Titi already knew she'd be bombarded with a lot of questions and she didn't have time to answer them all. She requested for the keys to his car and he obliged without hesitation, wondering what she's up to. "Answer me na?" He said, almost pleading.
She opened the trunk of the car and brought out the big luggage, then turned to look at him. "Yes those are my designs and she got the sketches from Mary but there's no time to discuss this now. Touch Couture will be up in less than ten minutes and I need to take this luggage back stage to the dressing area" She explained. But Charles still had the curious look etched on his face and Titi gave him the mona lisa smile as she rushed to the dressing area.