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Mary had no idea what Titi was up to when she gave the reassurance that they were all going to walk the runway. How on earth does she intend to do it? They are going to go up in less than ten minutes and she could see the gloomy expression on their faces.
Just then she saw Titi rush in with a luggage that seemed pretty heavy for her to carry. "Now what is Anty up to?" She asked herself. She didn't wait to get the answer as she quickly assisted Titi in setting the luggage on a dressing table as they all gathered round her.
Titi looked around as if trying to find out if anyone was spying on them, then her gaze fell on Mary and then the others. She let out a soft laugh, seeing how confused they were. "Look girls, I have been working on something else for a while now. A totally different design" She noticed the shock in their eyes. She looked at Mary "Actually I started working on this the day I saw the commercial that I had been nominated for the award. But I intensified my effort when I realized that there was something fishy with a member of my staff. I did it as a sort of backup plan in case something like what just happened ever occurred".

Mary looked away in shame. She thought Titi was oblivious of all she did, now she knew better. Titi has been a step ahead of her all this time. Titi gave her a smile and squeezed her hand, telling her with her eyes that all is forgiven. Titi opened the luggage to the amazement of everyone, the designs were out of this world. She went strictly floral. To her, nothing says romance like a floral print. Floral prints bring out the femininity and sex appeal in every woman. She blended both vintage and modern designs using bold and bright colours that signified sensuality and confidence. From open back dresses to belle dresses, safari dresses, short gowns and skirts, it was tailored to suit any style. Mary's jaw dropped, she couldn't hide her shock and excitement. The models also showed great enthusiasm on trying on the clothes, they couldn't wait to show off the designs on the runway.

"Aunty these designs are great, how on earth did you come up with this?" She said grabbing one of the designs and running her fingers on the material. "It feels so soft" She said. Titi laughed out loud, she brought out the clothes and handed them to the stylists. "It came to me at a time I thought I was in love. I felt sexy, confident and bold so I decided to translate that in these designs" she said pointing to the luggage that contained the clothes. "Now will you guys get dressed, we're gonna be up on that runway in a couple of minutes" She instructed with a smile. As if by default, the whole place came alive again. The models went about prepping for the show.

Mary stood watching the girls as they scamper back and forth. She felt out of place, like she doesn't deserve to be there after all she'd done. She was about to leave when Titi held her back and told her to join the other girls. "Where do you think you're going young lady? I thought I told you that you would be modelling for TOUCH COUTURE today." Titi spoke with a stern voice. 

Mary focused her gaze on the floor, it was obvious she felt bad about what she did. "Aunty I don't belong here, I don't deserve your kindness and I sure don't deserve to be up there with the rest of the girls" She said, tears welling in her eyes again as she looked at Titi. "You suspected all along, hence you made new and wonderful designs. I was a fool who didn't appreciate all she had and I'm so sorry." She explained as the tears started. Titi drew her in for a hug. "Look at me" Titi told her, cupping Mary's face on her palms. "We are all humans and the thing about being one is that we are prone to make mistakes. You made a mistake and you sincerely regret it. Who am I to hold it against you? No one is perfect my dear. Though you hurt me but I forgive you. It's up to you to prove yourself to me once again, show me I can trust you and the way to start is by getting on that runway" She said wiping the tears off her face.

Mary hugged her again, she knew she had to prove herself and she's determined to do that. Titi broke the hug and told her to go get dressed. Charles was totally dumbfounded, he had no idea what Titi was up to and he hoped whatever it is he prayed it solved the messy situation on ground. He went back inside and told the guys what just happened. "Titi just took a big luggage to the dressing area" He told them. "What for? What was in there?" Oreva asked. "I don't know because she was in such a hurry and didn't give me time to find out" Charles answered. "But she did tell me how Miss Gold got her designs" He said. "How did she get them?" Chike asked with keen interest. Charles shook his head."You guys are not gonna believe it" He said "WHO?" they chorused. "It's Mary" He told them. ''It can't be" Chioma said with shock written on her face.

Oreva could not comprehend why Mary would do such a thing. Jide was confused too because Titi has always spoken highly of the girl to him. They were still trying to digest that information when the Host of the Event called on TOUCH COUTURE to present their designs. All eyes were on stage but what they saw was not what they expected.