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Fashion: Six Men Golden Rules to turn into a Real Businessman

Metamorphosis is still a mystery to some categories of people. Yet it is not sufficient enough effort but a bit of imagination that changes everything. Clearly, details make difference. Christelle Wambo, head of Clothing Department at, shares 6 men golden rules to transform into pure business tycoon.

The look and dressing style
In Congo, it is called the "undermining" but in Cameroon it is called the "cool" or "heat" style. The most us term is "being hot death." But away from the cliché of the single frivolous or stubborn deceivers, being look like a businessman request to reduce a single detail in the clothing: the superfluous. At the contrary, color mixing, excess shape, become meaningful when attending a party.

Digital accessories
Regardless of the fact that Christelle Wambo works for Jumia, she purely makes understand that high-tech gadgets have their meaning in the 21st century modern society. She says: "We live in a world of appearance and have a tablet, a PC, a new generation smartphone, a clock connected to the phone via Bluetooth ... all that accentuates the credibility of the man who wants himself businessman". Indeed, some studies suggest that an individual has twice chance to be received in an office if he has very convincing high-tech accessories.

Gestures and rhetoric treated
Being cultivated, pays. Nothing to do with the movies. Human resources experts agree that an individual is considered to the first second by his attire (physical layout) and second spring by its language and gestures. You want to be a businessman, read, read, read and read again because it is the key to knowledge. Books and internet are there for. “Be like you want people to see you”, says Christelle.

The briefcase
Gone are the days of carrying cases as is still the case in USA or in administrative offices. Certainly, it is still valid, but the young ambitious and talented businessman nowadays carries a backpack. Christelle indicated that the larger it is, the more it demonstrates your power in business as it is your "ambassador". She argues: “Backpack is silent but very vocal in your back”.

The trappings and jewels
A Must! Men just have to put it on and they’ll see. One advice: be focus on brands and avoid excesses.

The last killer touch

Christelle is adamant on this point and women like her, are unanimous. A well-coiffed head; a well-trimmed beard; the pair of glasses that hits the psyche; the wedding ring, all that counts. Despite having one of the kits and accessories on Jumia, Christelle says:"Dirty men have no place in our world, especially not in the world of business." Men need to succeed in business? They just have to heal the details!


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