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Start Ups: A BEHIND-THE SCENES TOUR WITH LAMUDI ; an exciting start up in Nigeria

Ever wondered what goes on between the four walls of a start up? Welcome to the diary of a typical day at Lamudi Nigeria where stars shine!  

lamudi nigeria team.jpg

7:30am, Lagos, Sabo Yaba – A team of young, energetic and dynamic adults start to slowly fill up the third floor of the newly built office building, Commercial Avenue, located in the heart of Lagos mainland. The Dial4Home hotline is ringing off the hook. There is no time for formalities; the customer service and operations team are overwhelmed with queries from property hunters from all over Nigeria. It is time to hit the ground running!

8.30amThe rest of the team has arrived. Most of them are at their desks having some delicious jollof rice and beef stew for breakfast, while some of us are shuffling around the office preparing our usual cup of morning coffee for that extra kick. Laughter and giggling starts right about now!

Lamudi Nigeria MD Obi Ejimofo.jpg

9:00amLamudi Nigeria’s MD Obi Ejimofo is doing his rounds reviewing the progress of all the teams. Corrections and more ideas are being thrown around. At this point everyone is updating Obi with information on projects that they are working on. He always comes up with innovative ways to grow and nurture Nigeria’s largest online property marketplace.


9.30am: The Key Account Managers (KAMs) team are reviewing their accounts from the day before. Folakemi, Roberta and Obi are in the meeting room having a discussion about the team before heading out to meet their clients.


10.00am: Godwin, the Lamudi force manager, is going through new sales reports from the Lforce team. In the meantime, Angela, the head photographer, is swamped with hundreds of new photos take by her team yesterday that need to be uploaded onto new listings on the website.
11:30amThe customer service team is not only busy with calls from the recently-launched Dial4Home real estate hotline, but they have a list of emails and listings to go through from the night before. Achenyo, the head of operations, is on the floor making sure that everything is running smoothly.

1.00pm - The product team have been monitoring the performance of all the listings posted by agents on the site. They are the go-to team when there is a problem with the website. Leke is evaluating market trends and competition in the real estate industry so that Lamudi is able to cater to everyone from different walks of life.


1:30pm Mike, the social media manager, and Ejik, the in-house designer, are debating about color schemes for a new campaign, while Keisha, the PR manager, is finalizing the press release for the week before submitting it to our headquarters in Berlin for approval.  


3.30pm: Andrew from the product team has not left his seat since he got into the office. He has all his attention on putting finishing touches to a website for an agent. Vincent, the Dial4Home product manager, is having a good laugh with a caller who cannot seem to decide where to live.


5.30pm: Petra, the head of customer relationship management, is on the phone walking a client through the website and teaching them how to upload photos for their new listing. Obi is on his rounds again, making sure everyone has completed their targets for the day.


7:00pm No one is supposed to be in the office at this hour but you will often find a full house of dedicated staff finishing off their tasks. The customer service agent team are in for the night shift and music can be heard playing from different corners of the office as staff are socializing and finishing up some last minute work before leaving.

8.00pm: Some of us are still in the office working, while the rest of the team are still receiving emails at home from our MD, Obi, who is also in the office. Finally everyone is packing up and sending in reports of what has been a fun and productive day.

And when does it end? Well, the fun never ends when you work at a start up!

About Lamudi Nigeria:
Lamudi Nigeria is a leading online real estate market place exclusively focused on emerging markets. The website offers an easy to use and secure platform to buy, rent or sell real estate online., which started operations in October 2013, has over 40,000 residential and commercial property listing from developers and real estate agents. The company has active offices in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt.