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Technology: The Way-C tablet and the Elikia Smartphone conquer Africa

This product made and designed by a Congolese, is now available on many African markets. Despite the undeniable presence of Western and Asiatic brands, their creator feels confident of their challenging power.

The Way-C tablet is a tablet designed by an African called Verone Mankou of Congo. He is also the father of the smartphone Elikia always a product manufactured by an African. After a successful presentation in the European soil, Verone Mankou has decided to present his two technologic products in Africa. Through the website “Investir au Cameroun”, the latter is mainly known. Just costing less than 60 US dollars, his Smartphone and his tablet are really competitive in the African market. The subject has stirred up lovers of technology so that they have specifically requested those products. Assuredly, sooner, on, it will be available. Because of the high rate of demand, although not offering yet any Way-C tablet or any Elikia Smartphone, Kaymu is now called to provide it.

Verone Mankou has yet programmed for many countries in 2015 (in order: Egypt, Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon). The Way-C and Elikia brands will have to be boosted if needing to beat the market leading brands (Samsung, Apple, Nokia…) in the continent. 

Yannick Pousseu, Sales & Marketing Manager of Kaymu in Cameroon gives his opinion: "Africa is a great opened market. If a quality product made by an African technologic performer is well promoted through advertising and marketing, it will succeed. All responses will be given when consumers will handle and judge the products. Let’s just wait ". It’s not the first time to see this kind of technology creation get a positive interest in Africa. The Cameroonian Arthur Zang dared the challenge brilliantly with his cardio-pad that knows a very significant global implementation in the medical field. Benjamin Lekoua also make full house with his X-net phone in 2010. Verone Mankou has to accept the challenge.