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Top 100 blogs in Nigeria: Linda Ikeji, Ogbonge Blog , Jenny Chisom Blog amongst others make list by Blogducate 2015

Wow! I have been over the moon since I discovered this! Thank you everyone for reading this blog and providing support!

My blog made the List of the Top 100 bloggers in Nigeria as compiled by BlogDucate​. We made it at number 67 out of 100.

Read below:
I have listed the blogs here base on the
Value created
Quality Design
Easy navigation
Quality Contents
Consistent posting and so on
Up Next. . . Are a list of the most credible blogs listed according to the popularity of the bloggers and Alexa rankings. The blogs are listed below.
1. -  This is one of the the top 10 tech and make money online Blogs in Nigeria. These blog introduced me into blogging. join this blog here.
2. – naij happens to be one of the best blog on our list. it features, news, fashion and even entertainment. this is a must follow blog.
3. – this is another blog that has won te top 10 spot on blogducate. keep it up
4. – this is one of the most popular news blog in Nigeria and beyond. keep it up
5. – Punch has distinguish itself as one of the most influential news blog in Nigeria and also beyond
6. – One thing I love with this blog is the design and responsiveness. keep it up
7. – If you need valuable news and credible information then this blog is the spot. keep it up guys
8. Linda Ikeji Blog – Who doesnt know Linda ikeji? a blog that deals in news, fashion and all forms of entertainment. keep it up lindodo!
9. – This in my opinion is one of the best blog design I have seen. keep it up guys
10. – This is the blog that says it the way it is. News on the go. keep it up

Check out the 90 others when you  CLICK HERE


I Love the post I saw it in news aggregator website
Jetro Olowole said…
Good work. But I will like to know the metrics used in this ranking. For instance, I recently released my research on Top 50 Nigerian Newspapers Online.

The 50 sites under review were sorted from the top 50 Nigerian Newspapers Online based on Alexa ranking. This 50 comprises websites of traditional newspaper publishing companies i.e Punch Nigeria, online based news media i.e. and authority blogs i.e Linda Ikeji blog. While I have used the Alexa ranking to sort out the websites, I did not use it as a metric for this ranking.
For full explanation on the metrics used, Visit:
Prepaid Cards said…
This ranking is more comprehensive and well detailed than other webpages listing Nigeria bloggers. Thanks for the list.
jobsmayor said…
good ranking, love it.
innocent said…
the ranking is fairly ok
Uba Babs said…
Great ranking,very good indeed,kudos.
nice list. though you forgot to count me in. @
Jobsmayor said…
Nice ranking, it's good.