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Abuja based Poet Ifueko "Lady Inspirologos" Celebrates 2nd Anniversary of GenoType Switch from SS to AA

 Fex Ifueko Ogbomo was a sickle cell carrier from birth and have been an advocate about the condition. She suffered many things in the hands of this disease and with many doctors as expected, but she held on to God. 

She also wrote a book telling her story, as a celebrated poet and she is celebrating two years anniversary of her miraculous encounter with God as her Genotype changed to AA. She shared her doctor's report too and in her words.
Continue to see the evidence...

"This is one of the most precious documents I have ever held in my hands. Why? Because it is evidence that the Almighty God is still Jehovah Rapha, the Lord that Heals! Just as He promised in His word, Jesus took away sickle cell disease from me, and gave me new genes, and He didn't need a scalpel to perform that surgery either! Hallelujah! Let all doubts be laid to rest: NOTHING is impossible to them that dare to believe in GOD. He IS GOD, period!"

JCBloggers, would you dare to believe that God can do all things? C'mon I am not talking about religion but believing that God is supreme and have every area of your life sorted out, if you dare to acknowledge him.