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Abuja News: Linus Okorie Addresses Nigeria as a New Administration Dawns

Great People of Nigeria!
We are in a new dawn as a nation. A time when a new government is about to take over the task of building the Nigeria of our dreams. The turn-out and success of the 2015 elections is one that has clearly distinguished our economy and people as a democracy on the rise and we are proud of this. The labour of our heroes past and present shall indeed not be in vain.

It is more so heart-warming to know that efforts of the Guardians of the Nations International (GOTNI) for 21 years since her inception which is geared towards consciously grooming and building the capacities of young Nigerians to become transformational leaders is taken a rewarding step. I am glad to be alive at this time in our nation’s history to experience this robust youthful participation in an election that clearly shows that power belongs to the people of Nigeria – her youth in particular.

As we congratulate the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, we urge that God blesses him with wisdom to lead and with a team that is ready to work as our nation is set to make a quantum leap.

It is time to make huge investment in leadership capital development that will help millions of young people in our great country find direction and support as we also propose a leadership retreat for the new government, to ensure the best leadership values and approaches to our national engagement and development. There is a sense of urgency towards providing value and inspiring our country towards a place of greatness amongst the comity of nations.
To the President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, we salute your exemplary leadership and heroic stand in a trying and very sensitive moment in our history as a nation. This selfless act of love for nation will surely give you a positive place in history.
To the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), you must fine-tune the logistics support and truly get better as Nigeria advances in her democracy.
To the great people of Nigeria, let us join hands with this government to shun corruption at all levels and embrace integrity that will ensure dignity of labour amongst other things.

Long live Our Presidents
Long Live Nigeria
GOTNI…building outstanding leaders!

Linus Okorie
President, Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI)