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Abuja Singles Event: Single and Mighty Hosts Let's Talk


And So we talked … indeed …

Adeolu was the Bomb as he nailed Vision to a “Dual Premise” (Spiritual & Physical); … Ijeoma axed Business and work life Shift, Transition and Balance, while Chimdalu was downright practical - Talk about telling it like it is – you have a kind of man or woman you want to marry? Tell God. He has it all covered.

So when you talk about Life, Relationships, Work, Business, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality and finding the right Partner as a single person the Trio of Adeolu, Ijeoma and Chimdalu made 3 things clear today at the “Single & Mighty Let’s Talk” event and it was this:
1. Vision is critical to success in Life and Marriage … even in finding the right partner:
Your life requires a clear vision for you to be successful at whatever you are doing. You must know what it is your life is about and this is not just by mere talk. You must have faith, talk and while you are chasing vision, you have your hand working what they will at the moment to provide your basic needs; so that frustration does not set in.
David was working in the wilderness before vision materialized and Jesus was a carpenter for 30 years before vision kicked in. It is lazy to sit around doing nothing because you are “seemingly waiting for your vision to materialize”. Ijeoma supported Adeolu by adding that “As a man, you must understand that women are smart and they can tell a joker from a serious buff”.
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Model: Jenny Chisom
Event: House on the Rock, Abuja
Narrative: Single and Mighty & Andrew Okoro