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Award winning Customier, Obijie Byge Oru advises Americans and Europeans to Learn About Africa

Award winning Customier and fashion designer,  Obijie Byge Oru took to her Facebook page to advise Americans and Europeans to learn about Africa.

She put it this way

"Dear Americans and Europeans, Africa is a large continent with 54 countries, where exactly in Africa do you like? Or do you want to visit? You cannot stroll from South Africa to Ghana, you get on a plane, for at least 8 hours, Kenya is not a swim from Nigeria, you get on a plane for at least 6 hours.Please stop with the disrespect of my people, stop saying "when I was in Africa" REALLY? take some time to study about culture and history from Africa! You will be happy you did. 

Xoxoxo proud Nigerian girl!

I totally agree they should go do some research and stop 'fooling' around with Africa.