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Everything was going according to how she'd expected, she had been watching Titi from a distance and she spotted her uneasy reaction when she saw her designs on the runway.
Miss Gold had to let out a high pitched laugh, more like a shriek that got everyone around her wondering what the joke was. A distraught and overly disconcerted Titi looked panicked, that's exactly how she wanted it to be. Nothing is going to stop her from clinching the award, the other contenders don't stand a chance. 

Miss Gold has always had a problem with trusting people which is why she finds it easy breaking terms of agreement. She saw the shock in Mary when her models went on the runway and apparently she was not part of them. "Silly girl, she can never be a model, never" Gold said with a crooked smile. She felt no sign of remorse. She was satisfied with what she'd accomplished and was only waiting for the embarrassing moment when Titi would come out to say she had no designs to showcase and when she, Miss Gold of HOUSE OF GOLD will get the award for the best New Fashion Designer.

Her thoughts were disrupted when the host of the event called on TOUCH COUTURE to come display their designs, she turned to the runway hoping to see Titi walking and looking lost and dejected but what she saw instead threw her off balance. The models trooped on stage one after the other, wearing colourful floral designs that mesmerized everyone, even the judges. Never before had they seen such classical touch on modern day fashion statement. It didn't take long before the judges started making notes and nodding in approval. The atmosphere was charged and a buzz of voices emanating from the crowd got Miss Gold Antsy.
She was trying to contain her nervousness and then she saw her, walking majestically on the runway stage and looking spectacular. Mary didn't believe she was the one on that stage, she had to pinch herself slightly to know if indeed this is not all dream. Her dream came to
a reality today and she has no other person to thank for it other than Titi, and to think she almost sabotaged her chances; thank goodness for the kind nature of Titi.

Mary scanned the crowd seated in the hall, not searching for anyone in particular and just then their eyes met. That one glance, that split second Mary saw the fright in her eyes, the shock and disbelief. Miss Gold quickly looked away, she buried her face in her hands and shook her head violently and Mary almost burst out in a fit of laughter but quickly remembered where she was and comported herself quickly as she walked back to the dressing area to get changed. Titi who was watching from the dressing area back stage saw the excitement of everyone, she heaved a sigh of relief. She had been skeptical about the designs, she was scared that people might not like it. She was more worried about what her friends thought about the designs than she was about winning the award. It's not about winning now, it's about putting out a wonderful display of the designs, praying and hoping that it's accepted by all. She glanced in the direction of Charles and the others, she saw the way they stared at the models and that gave her a sudden satisfaction. She was afraid of what they would think, especially Charles. Charles has played a vital role in her life these past few months and his opinion of her designs meant so much to her. Not just her designs, his opinion of her as a person meant the world to Titi and at that moment, looking at him in the audience, it hit her. "I'm in love with Charles" She admitted to herself. "This is unbelievable, where did she spring these beautiful designs from?" Chioma asked, looking dazzled "I want one of those" she said pointing at one of the models. "The model or the cloth?" Chike asked laughing "The cloth of course" Oreva cut in "I want one too" She said squeezing Jide's hand. Jide glanced at Chike who also looked at Charles and they all smiled. "Alright alright we'll  get the clothes for you ladies" Jide said resting his hand on Oreva's.

They were all amazed, they realized that the luggage Titi took to the dressing area actually contained the designs being showcased now. They had no idea she had such and were surprised to see the damage control exhibited by their friend. They were happy and grateful that things didn't go awry for TOUCH COUTURE.
"Look guys, isn't that Mary?" Charles asked "What!" Oreva exclaimed "What is wrong with Titi sef? How could she allow that girl go up there after all she did to sabotage TOUCH COUTURE?" Chike told Oreva to calm down. "Knowing Titi, she probably has a good reason for allowing Mary model for TOUCH COUTURE" Chike said. They nodded in agreement. "But she will have to explain herself when all this is over" Chioma said. "I just hope she wins the award" Charles told them.
Jide smiled at Charles, he'd noticed the special interest that Charles has for Titi and it didn't take long for him to figure out that the guy was in love with her. "Don't worry bro, theses designs are awesome. That award is hers" Jide assured Charles.