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Jenny Chisom Celebrates President Goodluck Jonathan

I caught myself writing this about Nigeria's outgoing President, and after sharing on my Facebook wall, I thought to share it here too. This man is the face of a new Nigeria. Don't get annoyed because I keep saying "I love Nigeria". Read my thoughts below...

My hero!

My honourable outgoing President who delivered free, fair and peaceful electoral process as he promised.

A man who fought corruption using technology and saved us some heartache especially in this election.

A bridge-president that incubated Nigeria as we marked 50 years of independence and also 100 years of nationhood.
A man who God used to make us believe in One Nigeria and the common good.
Your character is truly examplary. As you have accepted the election as promised when you signed the Peace Accord, you will remain the most patriotic leader we have ever had.
Thank you for making our VOTES to truly count and making Nigeria choose her leader through the power of the ballot.
I celebrate you, uncommon Nigerian even as you hand over power soon to Gen.Buhari. Welldone President Goodluck Jonathan GCFR!


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