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Learn To Be A TV Celebrity At Senema Productions Abuja

This message is from a friend and could harm your ego. So beware:   

"Omo no be small thing... Asin it's not a small something..."

I applied for a job as a presenter after hearing  the advert on the radio.. the director was impressed after my audition. On the day we were supposed to record, I was prepared, hair, make-up and all..hmmn immediately I heard "CUE!".. tension!!.. light .. cameras ..eyes..everything on me! I was stuttering.. the real deal felt different.. the producer was so disappointed in me.. (haa! after all the mouth wey I don make).. that was how I lost that opportunity, by now I would have been TV celeb! Sad!

Don't lose your opportunity!
Training is very important!! and Senema Productions offers you not just theory but real life practicals in a 4-weeks INTENSIVE TRAINING with an array of courses that will build you and put you on top of your game.  

Register today and build your confidence! 
Get Trained, Certificated, and issued a letter of Attestation to be accepted anywhere!!!

Visit to download registration form now.

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