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Man Who Trekked To Abuja Over Buhari’s Victory Receives Grand Welcome

It is like a carnival in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) yesterday when hundreds of youths trooped out to welcome Suleiman Hashimu, now called 'The traveler,' who pledged to walk from Lagos to Abuja if Muhammadu Buhari won the 2015 presidential election.
Hashimu arrived in Abuja yesterday evening after trekking for over three weeks.
Hashimu, a native of Katsina State, said he was in Lagos when Buhari was announced the president-elect of Nigeria, so he left Lagos at about 5am the next day and arrived in Ibadan around 6pm.
He said that he received both encouragement and discouragement from friends and loved ones, but that he continued from Ibadan to Oyo, then from Ogbomoso to Ilorin with much welcome at every stop.
Hashimu explained that at Ilorin, people escorted him for several miles until he stopped at Oloru. He received much hospitality in Jebba, where, unlike in other villages he met people who had heard of him.
He further explained that approximately 20 people set off with him from Jebba and after some miles, 18 turned back, but the other two were more strong-minded and followed him.
Hundreds of young people in the FCT lined up along the Kubwa expressway from Dutse junction accompanied by some medical team from the Nigerian Turkish hospital (Nizamiye Hospital) for a proper medical check up.
Hasimu, who they described as a hero. Most of them sat for photographs with him and asked for his autograph.
The journey, according to Google map, is over 700 kilometers.