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Money Looters Responsible for Unoccupied Buildings in Abuja - Aliyu Wamakko

Dr Aliyu Wamakko is the deputy president of the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN) and in a recent interview with Leadership Newspapaper, he was asked "Nigerians complain that there are lots of unoccupied houses in highbrow areas of Abuja, what is the reason for this?" and he replied that: 
"Sometimes if some people loot the economy one way or the other, the best way they keep the money and the best way it will keep on appreciating is to buy or build a structure and keep it. It will keep on appreciating. If you take a census of who own some of these big empty houses in Abuja, you will find out that they are owned by big men. They don’t enter there because they have so many, they don’t give it out as rent because they don’t want it to get spoilt, they just keep it there. Once it is right for them to sell, they sell and make their money. But government should take a census of all these type of houses and the owners government should begin to charge for it."
He exposed more and adviced the new government on real estate matters in the FCT. Click HERE to read all.