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It all started as a political slogan and the fever spread across the country until it became a chant by all and sundry. Now the elections have come and gone but the Sai Buhari syndrome is fast becoming a slogan for political fanatics and a threat to the peaceful coexistence of people in Nigeria.
We got a report from Jos in Plateau State on the 1st of April that several roads were being blocked by some fanatics and before you pass through they will tell you SAI BUHARI and you must respond Sai Baba; failure to do so will earn you the beating of your life. Another incident started since around 4pm on the 5th of April in Kubwa Abuja Where some okada riders blocked some roads  and was on for hours till our eye witness left the scene where you must chant Sai Buhari and collect a few sticks of the broom before you are allowed to pass. These are just few of several incidents like these occurring in several parts of the country where people are being harassed day and night.
These incidents bring a few questions to mind like:
Where did these people all of a sudden get the boldness and effrontery to start harassing innocent citizens?
When General Buhari finally takes his oath of office, will we all still feel like Nigerians or people from other tribes will be seen and treated as second class citizens?
Will APC as a party be able to control their supporters now that they are ascending to power at the federal level?
These are some questions the APC as a party should address.
The presidential elections have come and gone but Nigeria still remains ours as Nigerians irrespective of the ethnic or religious background of the winner of the presidential elections. The fact that General Buhari won the elections doesn't mean that some miscreants should now start harassing the same citizens that voted him; the same citizens he is meant to serve and protect.
It will be very good if the Federal Government can do something in the area of sensitization and the APC as a party should reach out to their supporters warning them not to destroy the image of the party before the party ascends to power or while in power.
Nigeria belongs to all of us and every day we pray for a better Nigeria but this better Nigeria lies in the hands of every Nigerian.
 God bless you all and God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria

Femi Ogedengbe
National coordinator
National Women and Youth Alliance [NAWAYA]


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