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Tribute: Myles Munroe Honoured by Nigeria

World leadership coach and inter-continental influencer, Dr. Myles Munroe, a Bahamian national who died on November 9th with his wife Ruth aboard an aircraft was on Monday, April 20th 2015, honoured in Nigeria. The day was his birth date and so was a posthumous 61st birthday and was a night of tribute to his life and legacies that impacted our world. It was aptly tagged “Nigeria Honours Myles Munroe”.

Known as a reformer and consultant to countries, Dr. Myles Munroe who authored about 17 books and coached a lot of world leaders as well as impacted millions taught leadership as a life style that guarantees productivity.

The event which held in Abuja and put together by a committee of young Nigerians headed by Guardians of the Nation International, had speakers like Mrs. Sonye Allanah, Dr. Jimlas Ogunsakin, Mr. Benson Ayodele Cole, of Echo scan, Pastor Sam Oye, Love Idoko of Motivation magazine, Ohimai Amaize, Sam Amadi of NERC, amongst other artistes like Evans and Neufy, as well as Paul, the poet.

The atmosphere was real and the ambience very much motivating like Myles Munroe was present in the room. His pictures, multimedia tributes and more so the final video message from his son, Chiros Myles Munroe thanking everyone brought tears to eyes.
Purpose is infectious and that is the real essence of life and times of Myles Munroe. The black-tie event re-echoed the fact that “the greatest tragedy in life is not death but a life lived without purpose”. Sam Oye, amongst others, highlighted his words “Die empty”! “Disappoint the Grave”!.

Guardians Of The Nation International (GOTNI) is a non-profit youth leadership development organisation burdened to build outstanding leaders across Africa starting from Nigeria.


hi chisom, read this article. a little mistake in my name--- Dr Jimlas Ogunsakin not Ogunleye. thanks for the capture