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What FCT Residents Want from Buhari's Administration

By Ibrahim Biu

Millions of Nigerians all over the country have high expectations from the president-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, when he assumes office at the end of next month. Their hope is hinged on his solid integrity and honesty of purpose and his desire to improve on the living conditions of the masses in the country.

As the president-elect himself put it last week, "the people want to see change in how things are being done and how the ordinary man can also enjoy dividends of democracy which they have fought hard to achieve and sustain.

There are several ongoing projects being undertaken by the present FCT administration led by Senator Bala Muhammed. They include expansion of intercity roads and new ones under construction, the Abuja Rail Link project and provision of infrastructure in the satellite towns among others.

While the Bala Mohammed administration had adroitly tackled the myriad developmental challenges of the overstretched Abuja, FCT residents expect that Buhari would take bold steps towards putting smiles on their faces. Areas that still require attention include security, transportation, employment opportunities and resettlement of Abuja indigenes. Commuters and motorists will be highly relieved if the difficulties they encounter on a daily basis from home and to their places of work due to traffic congestion, as well as inadequate buses and taxis are contained. The Aya/Nyanya Express is the most notorious for its traffic snarls for residents of Nyanya and Karu in Abuja and Mararaba – Masaka areas of Nasarawa State.

Perhaps something needs to be said on the vexed issue of the resettlement of Abuja indigenes and compensation for their land. As the president-elect is likely to be familiar with, this matter has lingered on for far too long, dodging every administration since the Shehu Shagari era. It is a matter of interest to note that in an honest effort to ensure that Abuja indigenes were not short-changed, the FCT minister insisted that the resettlement of 'project affected people' be decisively captured in the memoranda of understanding of the various agreements for the revolutionary land swap project.

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