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Chairperson of Commonwealth Youth Council, Dr Ahmed Adamu Felicitates with Nigerians over Elections

Read the whole speech:

Ladies and Gentlemen
I came to Nigeria to felicitate with my brothers and sisters over the peaceful and credible elections, and to congratulate the president-elect for the victory. The Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) led the Nigerian youth in a non-violence election campaign, and as a result, the Nigerian youth were determined to shun any sort of violence. Therefore, this is a victory to the youth. The young people endured all the hardships to ensure that their voices were heard in this election. This is a great triumph for the young people.
Apart from the recently concluded Youth Campaign against Election Violence (Y-CAEV), CYC is undertaking some youth development projects across the 53 Commonwealth nations, and within the remaining period of my tenure, we will bring so many other youth development projects to benefit the young people.
Young people are no longer instruments for winning elections, we are the strengths and partners of today's progress, our contribution should not end at the poll. The Nigerian youth must take our rightful positions in governance. We call on the Nigerian President-Elect to ensure 30% affirmative action for youth participation in governance at all levels. This is a non-negotiable option.
We specifically call for appointment of a young person below the age of 35 as youth minister. This is in line with the definition of youth as enshrined in the Nigerian youth policy. The second criteria is that whoever is going to be nominated as youth minister must be a youth leader, who has contact with the youth and is familiar with their challenges. The youth minister's position must be purely based on qualification and relevant experience, and politics should not influence the choice.
We are now watching the President-elect, and for every action he makes, we will make sure that the interest of young people are protected and represented. However, we promise to give our unyielding support toward the success of this administration. We, the youth voted for this new administration and we will make sure it succeeds. Youth issues must be squarely addressed. These range from youth unemployment to low quality education.
The ministry of youth must be placed in a position to mainstream all youth development programmes and projects. Government ministries, departments and agencies working in developing youth agenda must do so in partnership and collaboration with the ministry of youth. There should be a consolidated youth development funds that will help in developing youth capacities and entrepreneurial skills. The Nigerian youth policy must be reviewed and implemented to the later. There should be a youth development centre. Youth development targets and indicators must be set out and updated regularly. 

Nothing for Youth without the youth!
Thank you
Ahmed Adamu
Chairperson, Commonwealth Youth Council.

About the Commonwealth Youth Council
Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) is the official and recognized voice of the 1.2 Billion young people of the Commonwealth. It is the largest and most diverse youth-led organization in the world. CYC plays an integral role in advancing the youth development agenda and co-ordination of activities and policies of the Commonwealth in the field of youth. The council works for and represents the voice of all young people within the commonwealth.
Commonwealth Heads of Government in Perth endorsed the establishment of the Commonwealth Youth Council in November 2011. Her majesty the Queen of England (the Head of the Commonwealth) together with the Heads of Government in Colombo meeting welcomed the election of the inaugural Executive of CYC in November 2013. The establishment of the CYC to engage and empower young people in decision-making and national development is directly aligned with the Commonwealth Charter. The Magampura Commitment to Young People by Commonwealth Heads of Government calls for strong partnerships between the CYC, member governments, youth and relevant Commonwealth institutions.