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Goodluck Jonathan: a Hero at the End?

SOCIAL media is indeed intriguing in many ways and at the same token very exciting.
The Social media is like an open school whereby the good, the bad and the ugly hibernate and cohabit with each competing school of thought battling to outdo each other in mischief and virtues.
For contemporary Nigerians the social media has become one forum whereby persons of divergent opinions converge or rather congregate to market their well thought out ideologies even as others are busy dishing out their warped opinions.
It was therefore not out of place that the social media more than other mainstream and conventional media has hosted the war of words between supporters and opponents of the recent decision by the Nigerian President elect Major General Muhammadu  Buhari to bar the African Independent Television (AIT) from covering his activities. This decision which has now been reversed by the political platform of the President Elect- the All Progressives Congress, was not unconnected to the less than professional role played by the private television house during the just concluded presidential campaign in which some opponents of the now President elect sponsored hate messages targeted at character assassination of General Buhari.

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