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Help! Let's SAVE MEKA! His kidneys are Gone

I was shocked to read this on facebook now that MEKA is battling for his life as both of his kidneys are gone medically...You guys remember he was in the news 3 years ago and with some intervention he was treated even though there wasn't a transplant done, but he has been managing his health until now.

A friend, Habiba wrote this 

"Meka Akerejola is the Morning Drive presenter on Silverbird Rhythmfm Abuja. You need to meet him to know He is a good man. He has Been a Good friend & Brother.... He has managed his kidney problems for three years now. He can't go on again. The two kidneys are gone. Please kindly help Meka stay alive and for much longer. 

To help him , Pay into Zenith  Bank  1004157460 Akerejola Meka Or FCMB 2427969013 Akerejola Meka.

There's no time, he is getting weĆ ker by the day. 
Please help. Thank you."