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   One of the basic necessities of life is to have good covering for our bodies and shoes are part of this covering. TENDER FEET PROJECT is a humanitarian project aimed at making sure that no Nigerian child goes to school or walk around barefooted no matter the economic condition or financial status of the family.
     It is estimated that over 40% of the world's population don't own a single pair of shoes. The majority of that 40% are children under the age of 18. I couldn't even imagine going through my childhood shoeless, let alone being without shoes into adulthood!

      Over 1 million people die annually from foot-borne diseases and millions of others suffer and continue to live with the pains and torture from varying degrees of medical complications acquired from their lack of shoes and these diseases can be easily preventable just by simple protection of the feet.

Prevention can also make a critical difference when it comes to illness and injuries related to the feet.  Foot-borne illnesses, soil-transmitted infections and diseases, and parasites attacking the feet are common problems in locations like remote rural areas where proper shoes are not readily available. There are various symptoms of these afflictions and they include digestive problems, lethargy, dehydration, and debilitating illness. Even in their mildest forms, these health issues may affect daily life, inhibit learning abilities, and stunt physical development. In some cases, the affliction can result in amputation or even death.

      The essence of having good shoes on cannot be overemphasized because apart from the numerous infections that the child can come in contact with, the mental torture a child going to school and seeing other kids with good shoes and he/she is walking barefooted goes through cannot be measured; it naturally affects his/her self esteem and ability to interact with other kids.
     Therefore the tender feet project is not just all about putting shoes on kids but we are restoring self confidence and boosting their self esteem; we are telling those kids that nothing is too good for them only if they are just willing to go for it. We are putting smiles on the faces of the parents who haven't been able to afford shoes for their children and have been worried about how to do that.

          It will be a thing of great joy if we can live to see a better Nigeria where every Nigerian child can proudly walk around with good shoes on their feet, a Nigeria where everyone will have something to put on and food to eat no matter their financial condition, a Nigeria where love will be shed abroad in our hearts where there will be peace and equality. We will be very honored if you can join us as we embark on this revolutionary project.

Our mission is to distribute at least one million shoes every year, to get these shoe to the less privileged even in the most remote parts of Nigeria.

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