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Ohimai Amaize, Chijindu Umunnakwe and others Speak at Motivators RoundTable Abuja

Yesterday, the gathering of young people at the Motivators Roundtable was a huge success. Hotel de Horizon, venue of the event had a breath taking ambiance, welcoming guests with open arms. 

The event themed Dare To Dream Again had speakers like Chijindu Umunnakwe and Ohimai Amaize, Mr Fix Nigeria and it was a gathering of people going somewhere. Mr Fix Nigeria was accompanied to the event by his wife, Tessy. 

The convener who is also an accomplished author, Chijindu Umunnakwe said 

"You see eh, we are the future of our continent, we must dare to make our mark, to sing that song that only us can sing, to dance that dance that is unique to our gifting and to write that book that can only be written by us.
Refuse to accept the one-sided story that you are not privileged. What more privilege is there than to be alive and bubbling? 

Dear Friend, give whatever your hands find to do, give it your best shot. God will assist when the going gets tough.
Meanwhile, time is ticking and there is an urgency to birth those precious dreams of yours. Don't die in your nest, dare to dream again.