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Phones! Smart Phones!!! and More Phones for Business on JUMIA MOBILE Week Megathon

When I first heard, that Jumia hosted over 100 Tech Bloggers on May 14th, I was wishing I could switch my niche momentarily just to benefit from the bumper knowledge. I quickly consoled with myself with thoughts that I will be part of the West African Bloggers Conference which was the next day, May 15th and since Jumia was supposed to feature, I was good to go.

And yes, I got the whole scoop that the Tech bloggers got and to know that it will make a lot of sense to save and plan towards this phone fair is overwhelming.

Dr Jonathan Doerr, MD Jumia was there to tell us all about it. The Jumia Mobile Week Megathon is like a "BlackFridayForAWeek" for phone, and yes smart phones.

Are you ready for business and to get the lowest craziest price ever on phones from Samsung, Tecno, INNJOO, Infinix, Apple, Lenovo and LG phone in just one week. You can buy to use and buy to resell, and that equals to even more money. 

Kai! You bet I don't joke.

See how it goes in this calendar:

This means that Monday, you can buy Innjoo phone brands, Tuesdays Infinix etc.

Jumia and MTN will also be giving 3GB of internet Data for every phone purchased and to be part is very easy.

My advice:
  • Plan and save up to buy all phone brands
  •  Become a phone merchant if you love business
  •  Tell your friends and families to buy too

How do You get on this phone business razzmatazz? Rush to the Jumia Mobile Week  Page to register/sign up now, or download and install the Jumia App.

You will also get N5, 000 vouchers for sharing this information with everyone too.

Let's get to phone business!
here's a Qucik shortcut to grab Jumia Megathon Deals before everyone else.
1. Rush to the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon page and Sign up
2. Download and Install the Jumia Apps (For Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone Or Blackberry
Once you have done any of this, you'll surely be the First to receive updates immediately these Amazing MEGATHON DEALS are revealed from Monday, 1st  to 7th June, 2015.

- People will Win Vouchers! Including You!

The most Caring people who Share and Spread the word won't be Left Out, as you all stand a chance to Win 5,000 Naira vouchers from Jumia when you Share this Campaign! Please you can even start from here by sharing this post.
Remember you can also Follow +Jumia Nigeria and the Hashtag #JumiaMobileWeek for first hand news and happenings of the campaign too.
Your Comments are welcome, and please Don't forget to spread the Word by hitting the Share & Tweet Buttons below. - See more at: