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“A man with Financial Education is not good enough, neither is one with Vocational Education nor Formal Education, a man with self awareness is good enough”

I think you are asking the same question that I am trying to decipher, from this quote. Why is self-awareness so important that a man with it can easily access the other forms of training or education, here is why.

  1. Understand that you are ONE
Being ONE means you have a healthy image of yourself, that you are not aware of any competition in your own reality that you are better than an average individual, that you are one of a kind and you are here for a reason. I am far from psyching you up, if you see yourself this way, you eventually become one.

  1. That you possess the fundamental skill for success
Inasmuch as we understand the importance of self-education, we need to know that success comes from a mix of skill. Most people get into the trouble of intending to acquire all the skills they need before they start, but that is in reverse. Start where you are, with what you have is the right way to go. As you go along, your ability to learn from experience increases.

  1. Bad experiences are events
A lot of people have been victims of abuse at home by their parent or guardian, place of work by their Boss, and because of our fragile emotion, it is easier and becomes so hurtful that we regurgitate the experience, personalize the event and worst of all, and forget the lessons. That you have been cheated or taken advantage of is a reality, that your person remains unaffected is a virtue that subdues the event. Always try to differentiate what the reality of the event from your perception.

  1. Create a self motivator
We cannot avoid blockades or failures, however something helps us to walk past them and it is our reason for starting up, it is a guarantee that we would get knocked down, staying down or standing up is a choice.. A lot of successful people at the conception of folding up realize their lucky break was just by the corner. They couldn’t explain what kept them, however our inner conversation of “it is not over” attitude, keeps us waiting. In waiting, we stand, become stronger, take shots again, and that is all we need to do to surmount the seemingly impossible.

  1. Action cures fear
Most people are not going to get what they want in life, wishful thinking does not translate into results, only action gives the expected reaction in Physics; same is with cause and effect. Fear will always be there, do the thing knowing that the worse isn’t here to stay but temporary. Do something that frightens you in your pursuit. Stretch across boundaries and fear in fact becomes your driving force that places you at a position of advantage.

Emmanuel Otori is a Public Speaker, Life Coach and Trainer on Leadership, Business and Management.


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