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Bloggers Training in Abuja: Blog Smart in July

Blogging is really a fun passion and it has since metamorphosed into a profession that one can make a living from. The first "Blog Smart" outing in Abuja had 3 super participants, Mercy of Mercy Ebute blog, Dr. Blessing of Love Issues17 blog and Blog admin of The visionary blog. The May session also had 3 strategic facilitators and the conversation was indeed robust aroung blog marketing and techniques.

This July the conversation continues for bloggers and aspiring bloggers alike who yearn to move up the blog enterprise ladder.

And yes, it is an initiative of this blog and your contributions are welcome.


deka uhiara said…
Can we have a forum in ABUJA where bloggers meet and interact with each other. Lagos bloggers have that a lot. We need to help each other, discuss how to succeed, our failures, how to better ourselves and so on. Hope i am making sense. Please check out my blog:
Okay Deka, we have Bloggers Party every December in Abuja and some bloggers outside Abuja also attend. Then this bimonthly training that is more of Question and Answer session for bloggers. I totally agree that we need to do more, with you onboard we can. Nice to discover another passionate Abuja blogger. You blog is really Farb!

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