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CEO of Transformed - Spirit, Mind and Body: Theodora Eromodor

That moment when you hear 'HottStove', and you get really hungry. Right? Wow, I met this CEO, Theodora Eromobor, through one of my favourite weight loss testimonies of all time, Liz Taylor- She Blogs Here. Theodora, who is a healthy lifestyle advocate, a Caterer, very passionate about cooking took time off to talk with me about her company, especially the health pack and smoothies she is known for. From Abuja, hear her story.

I am Theodora Eromobor. A Goal oriented, very determined, hardworking and straight forward woman. Intelligent, Smart and strong willed. My core Value is Honesty and to Inspire People about Love; the way God has taught us. My inspiration comes from the Word of God.  I am a healthy lifestyle advocate, a Caterer, very passionate about cooking and a good listener.

The name of my Company is Transformed – Spirit, Mind and Body with Hottstove Catering as the subsidiary. Hottstove is an Abuja based company specialized in preparing authentic African meals and continental cuisine for daily home consumption, office lunch breaks to large family and corporate events, including weddings, birthdays, trainings, meetings, etc.

Hottstove Catering was birthed about 6yrs ago; I have always been passionate about food and cooking. I started out cooking for friends and family for free during events over the years until a friend influenced me to make it a business. And now we also provide specialized meal services, such as tasty healthy meals for the especially health-conscious, halal meals, vegetarian meals, detox drinks/ Weight loss packages etc.

Presently, we have 2 permanent staff and casual workers. Our biggest achievement would be starting the Health part of my company; preparing detox drinks and food motivated by my own journey and the radio programme we had on Kissfm 99.9 called Chops.

Assessing more capital for expansion which would help create more job opportunities for people.

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