Creative Ways CEOs Should Advertise Their Businesses

For a business to grow and sustain its growth, it is necessary that it continuously promotes its products and services to the society. Today, advertising is more sophisticated, more creative and more personalized. The goal is the same; however, the approach has widely been diversified. SD Motions share some creative methods used by companies around the world to promote their businesses.

Wall Paintings Speak Volumes.
Wall Paintings are usually attractive. To do this, get the consent to hang an extensive painting of your company advert on the side of a conspicuous building. This easily attracts passersby.

Use Door-hangers.
In the event that your target market is in a certain neighborhood, for instance a Children's Daycare Center, print an advert and spot them on doorknobs in your neighborhood. The result of this method is dependent on the quality of your offer. The more personalized the approach, the better the results will be.
Your Surroundings Could Also Advertise Your Business.
This method requires being really innovative. Consider how you can utilize your surroundings for advertising.

Publicity Stunts are Great.
A good publicity stunt can grab the attention of a large crowd. Being creative and doing something spectacular could even afford your company some review on both paper and electronic media.

Advertise on Commercial Vehicles.
Some companies in Nigeria use this method. Using your own company vehicle might not be enough or your company might be a startup and cannot afford its own vehicles yet. In any event, this method is definitely a creative way to sidestep this hindrance. The sticker is usually of a simple design with the company's name, services and telephone numbers printed boldly on it.
Utilize Collaborations.

Collaboration is not only for the entertainment industry. Try collaborating with related businesses to host events or partner with charitable organizations to pursue a cause. When businesses collaborate on sponsoring a project, publicity is achieved at a lower rate.

Write EBooks 
Creating an eBook about your industry is a sure way to establish yourself as an authority. It makes your business known to a worldwide audience who are interested in information related to your business field.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
Research shows that more than 70% of Internet subscribers use their mobile phones. It is business savvy to make your website, blog and magazines optimized for mobile view. This little detail is ignored by many big companies.  Hopefully, you will use this tipoff and create a better, customer friendly website.
These methods are creative and some might seem outright unconventional. Most of them also require time to create and organize, but the money you would save using them would be well worth the effort.


Keisha Diamond PR & Communications