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Sonya Britt, a Kansas State University researcher says argument about money is the number one predictor of divorce. Her research negates the assumptions that sex, children, debt or in-law were the supposed cause of divorce. Her study looked at data from 4,500 couples as part of the National Survey of Families and Households. It was found out that couples that argued about money early in their relationship were at a greater risk for divorce. Though fights about money could be indicative of stressors such as trust and power. It then becomes of great importance for to be dads to plan and project their vision in alignment to those of the incoming partner or otherwise.

Kevin and Julia Hartz, co-founders of Eventbrite – a ticketing start-up worth $1M, is a news worthy story of couples that found essence and love in one bunch.

How were they able to keep their relationship and business?

Having met as mutual friends at the wedding ceremony of a couple, their relationship began to take shape. Their success is tied in two requests from Kevin to Julia, which was first, to marry her, and second to start a company with him. It would excite you to know that while Kevin was involved in product description, Julia was involved in customer relationship and business operations.

3 Ways To Cross Mix Business and Marriage

  1. Settle For What Is Priority

While Julia knew she had Entrepreneurship in her veins, it had not been subjected to test, however with Kevin who has been a Silicon Valley Trep, he had created an online payment system XOOM, It was easier to match her teachability and quest for a better life to his decision making and chart a plan for their course. They were also never going to allow the business ruin their relationship if it doesn’t work. Of the different perspectives to life, they settled for two – a healthy marital relationship and commitment to building a great financial future, today they have the two.

  1. Willingness To Embrace change

Relationships are always going to have lots of challenge to deal with, from a change of job, to change of location, to change in way of life. For this couple, it was change of location; Julia quitted her job while she had in sight an Executive role in a media agency, declined the offer, relocated and started on a scale of no portfolio or salary, except an idea undergoing execution.

  1. Decide To Stay

A question that went through my mind is, would they still be together, if the business didn’t work?

I can tell you yes. They would still be married. First, they understood they had to make sacrifice of quitting their jobs and did, they knew their spending had to be frugal and they adapted, they knew they had to communicate their expectation of success or failure and they did. In their own words they mentioned while getting married and setting up their business, that they won’t allow the business ruin their relationship if it never worked, they had mapped and exit. In my opinion, the relationship may not be absolute, but has lots of lessons embedded in how they have sustained their commitment through the years.

Emmanuel Otori is a Public Speaker, Life Coach and Trainer on Leadership, Business and Management.



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