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Sunkanmi Ola Convenes Young CEOs in Abuja: How He Runs His Young Non-Profit

After finishing university in 2012, Sunkanmi Ola founded a digital advertising agency when he saw a gap in the market. During the venture’s early days Ola kept close contact with a mentor who gave him leads on when companies where taking pitches from advertising agencies to market their brands.

“I gate crashed pitches, pitting myself against national marketing agencies’ presentations to brands on how my team and I (consisting of a programmer, a designer and a web developer) could grow their brands massively.” After three months of what Ola refers to as “pitch battles” he landed his first client, a leading mobile telecoms manufacturer in West Africa. Today, Ola (who has only just turned 22) is the founder, CEO and chief digital strategist for his registered company, Syracuse Digital, which helps brands translate their marketing activities online.

“With the growth in the mobile, internet and electronic device usage, smart brands have realised that their target audience spend much more time interacting on these platforms than on TV, press and radio. That is where my agency comes in. We help brands leverage on this growth and increase their market share against other competitors.” One of his leading clients is the Tecno Group, which has multiple companies under it, such as Tecno Mobile, Infinix Mobile and PalmChat. Syracuse Digital assists with Tecno’s marketing in both Nigeria and Ghana. According to Ola, his company employs eight people (all under the age of 25) .

He is convening the Young Nigerian CEO's Conference in August.   

Culled from YNCC website