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Win N2000 Recharge Card When You Spot The Difference Courtesy of Carmudi

Carmudi Nigeria will give the first blog reader to spot the 5 differences in these pictures a N2000 recharge card. Wow, how cool!

Don't worry, if you get the answers right, with your comment showing your phone no, name and network name you get your recharge card gift. Go ahead, try and get recharged to make those business calls. Best of luck!

Thank you 


WILLIE said…
Blue chair in 1 is yellow in the other
WILLIE said…
Blue chair in 1 yellow in the other
Isah Mohammed said…
1. One of the two white phones in between the man on white shirt and the man that have headphones on is missing on picture B.
2. The phone on the left lap of the man that has headphones on is missing on picture B.
3. The cup beside the man next to the person that has headphones on is missing in picture B.
4. The pendant tag on the man that's on black polo t-shirt is missing in picture B.
5. The color of the chair around the top right corner of the two pictures are different. The picture A color is Yellow and Picture B color is Blue.
My name: Isah Mohammed
My phone: 08146166303
My network: MTN
Anonymous said…
1. On the left there two phones in between the guy with head phone 2. On the right the man on black is not having his tag on 3. on the right opposite the man on black, there is a chair while on the lefts its blue. 4 on the left table where the guy on head phone is seated, there is a cup after the guy on native where as, there is none on the same side on the picture on the right. 5------
Name Clement Alban Felix. Network; glo No. 07059186304
Anonymous said…
The difference are thus:

1) One picture shows the chair at the end, one is yellow, the other is blue

2) One picture shows 2 iphones on the table close to the guy with the big head phones while the other showed just one

3) One picture has 2 cups while the other has one

4) One picture shows the guy with the black shirt with a tag (I.D CARD) while the other he doesn't have any.

5) One picture shows a phone on the lap of the guy with the big head phone while the other picture he doesn't have a phone on his lap.

My number is 08186146356
Akpene Jacob said…
1. I can see a yellow chair in the first pic while a blue chair in the second pic.

2. I can see two mobile phones near the man putting on headphones while in the second pic is only one phone beside his system.

3. I can see earphones and cup near the man wearing native with eye glasses while in the second pic I only saw the earphones.

4.The man wearing black shirt put something on his neck in the first pic but I can't see it in the second pic.

5.The man putting on headphones placed a phone on his lap in the first pic but removed it in the second pic.

Akpene Jacob

Thank you. You will get your recharge card pin tomorrow. Thank you for participating and getting the answers right.
SylvianNnamdi said…
Awwwww!nice one.i could only identify 4 differences till I readd comments n observed d phone on d lap of d guy on headphones.#grinning#nicee. Try huh? I ll manage 1500 recharge card instead since I dint get ll 5.hehehehehe!
Isah Mohammed said…
Got the airtime reward. Muchos gracias

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