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Dear CEO, You May Need an International Certification Just Like That

"They said's were no longer good enough,so I got an M.Sc. Then they said the market value of an MBA is higher, so I got on that horse too. Now they're saying I can't truly advance in my career/business without international certifications? But why?"

Lots of professionals ask this question, wondering why their hard-earned work/business experience is not good enough to get ahead.
The issue is not that your experience is not good enough, it's not that your previous degrees(or degree for some people) are no longer relevant; the issue is dear professional is that your singular experience in that particular field of expertise does not a global view make!

That the world is a global village is a concept learnt since primary school, that globalisation is affecting economies is an over-flogged rhetoric.

However, what most professionals DO NOT pay attention to is how to get ahead of the effects of globalisation on their own economic environment. You are still busy talking about its effects when you should be preparing to use the effects to your advantage.

There are ways to do that but International Certification is one of the cheapest means.

While you could travel the world trying to get ideas to improve your self and business(that will cost a looooot of money), you could also interface with world economic leaders through the now easily accessible International Certifications.
Yes it adds pedigree to your CV, even affects your earning power(and of course you get bragging rights), but beyond the obvious returns of getting certified,you are exposed to world views and practice on a varied number of important strategic matters.
This exposure to "how things work" in seemingly far away parts of the world that have become close neighbours (blame it on globalisation) is value-added to you that CANNOT be quantified.

Whatever knowledge gained from interfacing with International Standards accessed through International Certifications, is the wind beneath your sails that will keep you ahead of the stormy wave of globalisation.

So if you're asking, "should I get on this International Certifications horse?
The answer is YES, get on the horse and ride it all the way to the top of your chosen profession.

Adenike Aloba works with Certification Edge, the number one provider of International Certifications exams and training in Nigeria.
Call her on 08054646576 to discuss the International Certification best suited to you.