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How To Start a Business In Nigeria With Zero Balance

I apologise for going MIA for some days now...yeah, I know it's not good for business! But I am back now with a line up of interviews with CEOs and Founders amongst other stuff.

Today, We have a question and as usual it is open for your contribution. Someone wants to know:

Question of the Day
How do someone start a business today in Nigeria with a Zero balance...?

My Answer
Thanks for writing me concerning starting a business with zero income. First, it is possible to start a business without money in Nigeria. Starting a business doesn't need money but an idea, developed with plans and made workable.
I started Logos Audibles Enterprises at without any money in 2009 and I have started many projects without any money anywhere and they came out successful.
If you want to start a business, you do not need money or all the money first:
You need 1. The Idea 2. Understand who will need the product or service 3. Find out how to place your price so people can  buy 4. Market it by telling people what you can do (Word of mouth and social media)  5. Do it for free first 6. People will refer others to your service if they liked the free service
The kind of business you want to start will help me advice you further if there is a need.
Note that business is supposed to fill a need and is one life activity that makes you to start small and grow big.

Toast to your business success!

Now what do you think?

How much did you start your business with? 
Have you experienced a business that started with Zero balance in Nigeria like mine? Share with us.



Akpene Jacob said…
Start a business without money in Nigeria?, Hmmm, is that possible? As for me I wont agree with that cus i started my importation biz with money so I dont think there is any business you can start without money. Even if u have the idea you still need money to put the idea(s) into work.