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Irreversible Rules For Phenomenal Business Success

I know you are wondering if probably, I have had experience working in the military, to teach how to fire bullets. No I have no experience in field tactics and cannot teach you how to fire a bullet; I haven’t even seen one except in movies. The closeness I have ever had was in my elementary school, I attended Airforce Primary School. I learnt firing a gun has a procedure to avoid waste of bullet and ensure that the target is hit with precision.

These are the procedures

In the Military
Soldiers on the field with their guns in their hand facing a target in a practice class, are asked to aim first i.e. take into perspective, distance from where your are to the target, point your gun in a parallel position, be focused on hitting this target. To aim means to keep in perspective, in the right order.

What light appears on top of a “traffic light”, maybe you are still guessing, it’s the red light, which means stop, the green light says go, the yellow I consider as most important because it’s the time to prepare to be ready to go. You have control over your preparation time but none over the opportunity that present themselves, Ready for a soldier means prepare to shoot, means check if you have aimed well, means with a bullet in your gun, this is the time to take your best shot.
To fire, means to actually take the shot, based on your preparation. If you have prepared well, you would take the right shots, this is how I know, before you fire you must have made a mistake of a misfire, a waste of bullet and probably the so-called waste of time, but those are the greatest asset to prepare you on hitting the target right upon firing. If we do not make mistakes, how do we learn?
The rules in the Military is not the same as that in Business… it’s in a reverse order.

In Business
Fire – Launch your idea
Economics says to start a business, you need to have the factors of production – land, labour, capital etc waiting for perfection is waiting forever. Business start-ups have learnt to start with what is called the “lean budget”, you might not have the right constituent of protein in your diet, you won’t know its deficiency if you had it complete. Firing as to starting a business without the resources helps you to avoid waste, test your assumptions and cleverly fine-tune them to what works upon market survey and feasibility.

Ready – Develop Product-Market Fit
You have started and have gathered from clients how the offering should be improved for pricing, standardization, and competitor analysis etc Now it’s time to go ahead, now well informed, prepare proper proposals, see a need to register a business name, sole proprietorship or a limited liability company, ask for support from friends, build a team in preparation for the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the first marketable version of your offering.

Aim – Target Your Niche Market

Statistics are very useful but be careful to observe what fits your market. I went in to the market having gathered data from Nigerian Bureau of Statistics that the first quarter of 2013 provided more jobs from the Education and Manufacturing sectors. I decided to target Education first, I soon realized that because most of the Educational sectors, we’re startups, they couldn’t afford the consulting we offered, statistics is good, be flexible to chart a new course everyday as you go along. Target your market with your offering, and sell your stuff with the best attitude that you were built to sell, then watch your cash flow take shape, and don’t stop selling.

Emmanuel Otori is a Public Speaker, Life Coach and Trainer on Leadership, Business and Management.