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Jenny Chisom Story: Why Jenny Chisom Blog is Recommended for Nigerian Enterprises

This is my attempt at 'blowing' my little trumpet, but more so to let you know why I need you to participate more in this blog community so we all can learn how we can move Nigeria and Africa economically forward. I took some time to think through my little activities especially about who this blog caters for and it made quite an impressive CV, so I though to share. Go ahead...

This blog is for you if…

You are a CEO who needs to be known
You want to network with other founders
You desperately need ideas and strategies to grow your company
You want to understand your business sector and learn emerging business trends
You want to generate multiple streams of income
You want to start a business but not sure how

How I got here…
I started a small content publishing company which was initially providing just manuscript editing and proofreading services in 2009, without any money.

I would borrow a laptop from my friend, and guardian Mr. Emma Ogbeche to proofread jobs when I got a job by referral…yeah. Today, that company has edited and packaged over 50 manuscripts and helped 13 writers become first-time published authors.

My blog, now rested, was my biggest marketing tool after word of mouth advertising and I got clients in UK, India and South Africa too.

Armed with these, I was sure that anyone in Nigeria can start their business out of passion and make it work. I won the Grooming Enterprise Leaders scholarship from President Goodluck Jonathan’s  youth empowerment programme in September 2011 and bagged a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management from Pan Atlantic University afterwards.

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