Kingsley Oboro: His Movie Enterprise and Multi-talent Driven Empire

I am so excited about this CEO, majorly because he is in the creative art industry, an industry I am also part of and play some roles in. 
Meet Kingsley Oboro, of BOT Studioz. A movie making company.

Kingsley Oboro is a prolific Director/Writer and one who derives his inspiration from true events. He happens to be a Thespian who usually paints his words in a way that is psychically effective to his audience. A graduate of the Department of Theatre Arts in Delta State University, Nigeria is not the only evidence that he is a Nigerian, born and bred in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria in West Africa. His career as a Film Maker began in his University days and ‘The Patriot’ –A Movie produced by him and Directed by Anthony Ikechukwu in 2009 at the BOB TV Universities Challenge which won Best Film, was just the beginning of his successes. 

After making two more films, which he archived for reasons best known to him, Oboro stopped making movies for almost three years as he got involved in a lot of research. However, his being under the radar was short-lived in a good way, as his project “Movie Making Made Easy” (June 2014) caused quite a stir when it ranked 3rd place worldwide for several weeks during the voting period at the Unesco Youth Entrepreneurship competition. 

However, the apex of his Film Making career took a leap after he was selected by Mofilm-United Kingdom and Unilever, as one of the thirty hopefuls amongst hundreds of applicants, at the Academy for African Film Makers (AAF) in 2014. Indeed, this marked a come back for him. In July 2015, he returned with tenacity after he made his film, which employed synchronicity to the maxim. This movie "Golden Ratio" got him an official selection at the Doc Sunback Film Festival in Kansas, USA. And subsequently, same movie won the Judges Recognition Awards at same festival in the United States. 

Indeed, his versatility as a Film Maker is admirable. Apart from being a writer, he is an Actor, Director, Editor, Cinematographer and Text Animator. But his major strengths remain in Directing, Screenplay and Editing. 

A Film maker once told him " manage to excel beautifully well in every area in Film making and that shows how much of a good film maker you are!" However, he intends to keep learning even from a vast knowledge out there as time permits. 

His Movie KEKO whose original story was driven from The Patriot from his university days, happens to be an interesting delight for the consumption of the audience.

CEOs, we should encourage him by going out to watch his new movie KEKO when it is released. Deal?


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nwaeke paul said…
Am proud to be a Thespian
Nwanneka Ekeli said…
Great job Oboro. Congratulation.